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Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers in Portland

Continuing on a Hobbit’s journey, we found some perfect places for Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers: Waffle Window, Pok Pok and Pine State Biscuits .


Waffle Window was my sister’s favorite in Portland, which also quickly became my father’s favorite too during his visits.

We had been going to place since they were a one-store shop at Hawthorn.

On an earlier stop at the Hawthorn shop, my sister suffered our first dissatisfaction ever at Waffle Window.

She received a very unsweetened plain pearl sugar waffle.

There simply was not enough sugar while the waffles were being baked: no crunch and not sweet enough (and we have Asian sweet scale).

She complained.

Instead of getting a new, properly made one, she received her original pearl sugar waffle back (as evidenced by her one bite mark) with powder sugar sprinkled on top to address the lack of sweetness and lack of crunch.

At the end, she tossed the waffle uneaten.

Not so great.

Since she really wanted to get some satisfaction out of waffle, we tried another store at Alberta.

Waffles were sweet and fluffy, and the toppings were fresh.

I was partial to savory waffle; the sweet and salty mix worked magic for me.


L Top: ham and cheese — R Top: spicy bacon cheddar jalapeno — L bottom: Granola and Fruit — R Bottom: Vegetarian Bs

For our elevensies, DH had the ham and cheese, I had the bacon cheddar jalapeno.

I liked my jalapeno a lot!

Quite hot with salty smoky bacon and cheese, solid and delicious.

My sister had 2 waffles on her own: salty vegetarian tomato basil and brie, sweet one with granola and fruit.

All around the table were nods to great elevensies.

In truth, since my sister did not order pearl sugar waffle again, we did not know whether this location was better.

After so many years, wow factor was gone, but good waffles are good waffles nonetheless.

The Waffle Window on Urbanspoon

The Waffle Window on Urbanspoon

Pok Pok for lunch.

Chicken wings was the reason why we went.


Our friend could not eat too spicy, and we opted for the non-spicy version of the wings;  the spicy version was so much better.

Honestly speaking, the chicken wings were too salty.

Always had.

However, there was something very addictive with the salty fish sauce, sweet gooeyness and garlic that brought me back there again and again.

The wings were perfect with their drinking vinegar, which was bubbly, sour and sweet all in one glass.

My sister liked their spicy and fresh papaya salad,


L: roast game hen — r: papaya salad


and my first time with the charcoal roast game hen; meat was moist with crispy skin.


Another dish we got this time and I had fell in love with was the broken crepe with mussels.


It completely reminded me of a crispy version of the Hokkien or Taiwanese oyster omelette, except the egg part was a crepe.

The crepe was deliciously eggy and the mussels were sweet.

Somehow weirdly enough, the use of oysters in the Chinese omelette and the use of steamed mussels here resulted in similar taste profile.

We went to Pok Pok at almost 3pm, but there was still a line.

It was all worthwhile.

Pok Pok on Urbanspoon

Pine State Biscuit was a chain store I had seen around town, and had a hard time trying to fit that into our food schedule.


Usually I wanted to go somewhere unique and have larger variety of food for dinner, and unwilling to make biscuit my dinner.

It was a perfect choice as a Hobbit’s supper.

DH and I shared the BBQ biscuit with pulled pork and slaw.

The pulled pork had very nice smoky flavor and tender, and the slaw was great compliment both texturally (adding crunch) and flavor (adding tang).

The biscuit was buttery, not wow.

I still prefer Morsel’s biscuits more.

Pine State Biscuits on Urbanspoon

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