99% Food, 1% Skin


WP_20150824_19_05_00_Pro What a good deal!

Volterra in Kirkland offers a four-course dinner for $45.

They were generous for us to share the four-course dinner if the second person ordered an entrée (inclusive of pasta).

It was very quiet when we first arrived on a Monday night, diners did show up later and the place was nearly full.

With many of us in the party, it was a perfect opportunity to sample many dishes.

My favorite was the special sausage, pork jowl and bacon risotto.


I was intrigued by the dish, but at the same time skeptical about it because it had the potential to be completely heavy and greasy.

My Dad ended up choosing it, and was I glad he did!

So much flavors from all kinds of pork, and it was savory, creamy and delicious.

The risotto soaked up all the goodness, and every bite was fantastic!

I was a little disappointed with my shrimp pasta because it had way too much capers.


The olives were a little bitter but very meaty; I enjoyed the olive flavor but not their taste; spiciness of the tomato sauce was the saving grace to this dish.

In the price fix menu, there were choices for all courses.

My mom picked the “oil soup”, made with Cannellini beans, smoke pork jowls and lots of olive oil and chives; super chunky and it was a meal on its own.


The best part was the awesome smoky pork jowl, meat was tender, and such huge impact with its smokiness in the soup.

Another starter choice was clam and sausage in a spicy tomato sauce.


Very fresh clams cooked with a very generous douse of wine that I could smell before eating the clams.

Sauce was delicious, and the accompany toast had a beautiful elephant garlic paste on it.

Second course on price fix menu was pasta.

The wild mushroom and pork jowl was fantastic!


Noodle was al dante, mushrooms were crunchy, pork jowls were chewy and an excellent truffle aroma.

The dish was a little on the greasy side, but great texture and great flavors.

Seafood bake from my Mom’s set was simple and tasty; garlicky and prepared in the conventional way with parchment envelope, the flavors of beautiful fresh seafood (scallops, halibut, clams and prawns) were sealed tightly and released into the air when our server opened the envelope — straight forward and uncomplicated eating pleasure.


Our other party had their grilled tenderloin which looked good, but I did not taste it.


DH had a seasonal salmon which was so so.


The skin was well crisp with a peppery flavor, but overall it was dry.

Our table picked the lemon mascarpone custard and molten chocolate cake for desserts.


The custard was superb with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, nice lemony flavor, milky and a very pleasant aftertaste.

Molten chocolate cake was unfortunately too wet, even the nice dark chocolate flavor was not enough to overcome the flaw in the texture.


A decent meal, and a good option for Italian on the eastside.

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