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The Man Who Ate Everything, The Wandering Goose


A collection of articles from late 80s to 90s, The Man Who Ate Everything, was written by award-winning food writer, Jeffrey Steingarten.

Although some of the articles did succumb to age: topic on hot fat substitute, olestra, in the 90’s , and a fad diet at the time originating from France; other articles were timeless and exceptionally fun to read.

There was one on his journey to recreate mineral water from filtered water, his experiment on cooking strictly from the instructions of canned or boxed food, and his adventure in trying to correct a failed coconut cake.

Steingarten was funny, and at times sarcastic.

He captured his travel food experience from Japan, North Africa, Italy and the American south; the book was also sprinkled with recipes.

His quests for perfection shone through in his research for frying the perfect French fries, making the perfect pie crusts and mashed potatoes.

The man who ate everything was witty with more information on food that one would ever want to know!

I am excited to report a great location for fried chicken — The Wandering Goose!

A small space next to Rione XIII, Wandering Goose serves breakfasts and lunch only, and the place closes by 4pm.

Their main item is biscuit, and my friend highly recommended it (thanks JT)!

One could not stop but be drawn into The Wandering Goose’ simple yet whimsical ambiance — its bright pink door said it all.


I had their Aunt Annie’s, made of fried chicken, bread and butter pickles, mustard and honey.



The biscuit was fluffy, buttery and melt in the mouth.

Fried chicken was most certainly dark meat, tender, crisp skin, seasoned exceptionally, balanced with the sweetness from the honey, and tangy crunch from the bread and butter pickles, Aunt Annie was a delicious sandwich.

DH had the special with fried chicken, red onion and arugula — equally tasty with extra freshness from the veg.

We got a side of the collard greens as well and it was sweetened with brown sugar and meat was soft.

Plenty of freshly baked pastries including scones, cakes, cookies and quiches neatly displayed in the case.

We were too full to dive into one of those.

Rest assured, I will be returning to the baked goods and have their fried chicken plate; hopefully friends will come along with me, so I can indulge in the pimento mac & cheese, Boonville grits and Oyster Po’Boy!

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