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Eating Out in Edmonds

Asian food in Edmonds?

Personally, I don’t correlate the two together but the tie exists!

I was surprise to find these good eats, and they definitely got me as a customer!

First stop, Wonton Noodle House.

I was told that the chefs were trained in Hong Kong.

The place is reminiscent of Mike’s Noddle in International District with similar food offering.

The wontons and dumplings were awesome!

Thin skin, crunchy shrimp and meat, with extremely bouncy, thin, egg noodle that was free of alkaline flavor.

wp_20161029_13_28_34_pro wp_20161029_13_28_42_pro

Congee was smooth, and the pork and thousand year old egg was flavorful.

I was thoroughly happy with the soy sauce fried rice crepe, the rice crepes were very fresh and soft, with a mild soy sauce flavor and crunchy bean sprouts plus sesame seeds.


Something very simple yet very delicious.

Next was dessert.

My friend told us about Black Ball.


Turns out Black Ball is a chain Chinese dessert stores originally from Taiwan.

Their famous dessert is the grass jelly – which I had to return to try.

I had the highly recommended matcha pudding and matcha shaved ice with red beans and rice balls.

We were there at a cold night, so hot dessert of red bean soup was also on my list with added yam and sweet potato balls to fight the chilliness in the air.


Red bean soup was very good – big red beans, soft, and not too sweet.

But I was disappointed with the yam and sweet potato balls.

They were soggy and mushy, nothing like the ones I had in Taiwan.

The matcha shaved ice and pudding was very good.


Perfect matcha flavor, perfect sweetness, with multi layer of texture – crunchy ice crystals from shaved ice, firm jelly texture from the pudding, thick red bean and chewy rice balls.

Aside from Chinese food, we also found an Indonesian grocery store that serves food, Waroeng Jajanan.

Grocery side had small offering of mostly instant noodles, spices and dry goods.



The food side had a small menu.

We had the fried chicken, noodle, coconut rice, yellow rice with beef, and satay.

My favorite was the coconut rice.

Fragrant with ginger, almost cardamom like flavors, moist and comforting.

The chicken was fried super well – the chicken skin literally melt in the mouth; but the meat itself was under marinated.


The satay was not as good as Malay Satay Hut’s, and still with good flavor; vermicelli noodle was soft with nice flavor, mixed with bean sprouts, and served with a side of boil egg and rice cake, and plenty of spicy peanut sauce.


Yellow rice was fantastically gingery and full of flavors.


However, the beef was very dry and tough even though it had very good curry like flavor.

Peanuts on the side was spot on, spicy and delicious, along with the perfectly fried shrimp chips.

Noodle was soft, simple and spicy.


With crunchy bean sprouts, hard boil egg and lots of peanut sauce.

These foods are going to get me up north more often!

Wonton Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Shanghai Shanghai 新天地

As one of the largest seaports in the world, Shanghai is a metropolitan city in China that has played pivotal role in Chinese history.

From early cotton cultivation, to a foreign trade hub in the 1800s and early 1900s due to Treaty of Nanking, to China’s industrial center in the 1900s, and further development well into present times, Shanghai has seen history and culture, survived its hard times and continues to grow.

Its resilience was something that my Shanghai grandma was very proud of.

She was also very proud of sharing the unique Shanghainese food with us when I was growing up.

Famous dishes such as xiao long bao (made famous by Din Tai Fung), sheng jian bao (pan fried buns), drunken chicken and soy braised pork shank are all distinctively Shanghainese.

WP_20150424_17_36_30_ProI am afraid to report that there really is no real Shanghainese restaurant in Greater Seattle area: Shanghai Cafe only has very few dishes that are strictly Shanghainese.

That is why when I heard about Shanghai Shanghai, I was giddy.

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International District Finds – World Pizza and Mike’s Noodle

Every time I passed by World Pizza I was already full from dim sum lunch at Jade Garden.


Not this time!

Armed with my empty stomach, I was quickly drawn to the store with its fantastic pizza aroma.

Store was small, with a counter selling pizza by the slice.

There was also a seating area with tables for consuming pizzas in-house.

Upon checking out what laid under the glass counter top, I was strangely attracted to this pizza that had brilliant bright green chunks on it!


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What are your Top 5 at Din Tai Fung?

WP_20140413_15_38_28_Pro WP_20140413_15_05_37_Pro

WP_20140413_15_09_24_Pro WP_20140413_15_07_56_Pro WP_20140413_15_01_57_Pro 

Din Tai Fung — I could always count on getting a great meal there.

We did not go often because it was quite expensive to get full.

I went to Din Tai Fung for 5 specific items on their menu that I craved:

1) organic chicken soup

2) spicy vegetables and pork wonton

3) noodle with sesame sauce

4) pork soup dumplings

5) sweet and sour spare ribs

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