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Vegan Sunchoke Broccoli Kale Soup

Our latest favorite is this sunchoke soup.

The idea came from using the broccoli stems left from stir-frying only the florets (looked prettier on the plate), and the kale stems from kale chips.

This soup is super high in fiber, healthy and delicious!

There is the addition of Remy Martin XO because I love the flavors and aromas of it in cooking, even though I never drink it straight.

Give it a try!

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Buk Kut Teh VS. (Pork Bone Soup)

We got a chance to try and compare the Buk Kut Teh from Malaysia and Singapore.

I had Buk Kut Teh when I was growing up but not often.

I only remembered it being tasty.

“Buk Kut Teh”‘s pronunciation is Hokkien dialect, which literally means “meat bone tea”.

The soup is popular in Malaysia and Singapore are and it was of Chinese origin.

The 2 countries neighboring each other serve up vastly different Buk Kut Teh and it was a fantastic experience to have both!

Let’s start with the Singapore one.


We went to Ng Ah Sio, one of the famous spots in Singapore.

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Eating in Hong Kong: Fishball Noodle Soup, Japanese Dessert and Cotton Ice

After being awake for about a day, finally arrived in Hong Kong late last night.

Wasting no time, I promptly venture out to eat today.

Sad part is, everything changes very fast in Hong Kong; couple with the fact that I have not been back frequently in the last 10 years, I no longer know where good food are at anymore.

Many restaurants that I miss and long for from growing up here were close down due to sky rocketing rent or retirement.

The bright side is that I get to explore and try new places.

Everywhere I look is food everywhere!

No wonder I love to eat.

I practically grew up surrounded by food!

It is about 4 in the afternoon and I am already stuffed and cannot think about dinner!

First thing first, REAL good fishball noodle for lunch.


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Seattle Iron Chefs — Part II

Continued from yesterday’s post….

The first course was a soup prepared by Chef Gilles Arzur with marshmallow as the secret ingredient.

It was my favorite of the night.


The chicken soup was paired with a chicken liver pate with butter brioche.

It was served with a truffle butter on the side and a dash of the truffle butter in the soup, accented beautifully with both the flavor and texture of the celery leaves.

It was rich, flavorful and luxurious.

Generous pieces of truffle in the soup and in the butter.

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