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Are Eastside Burgers Any Good?

Not shabby in my opinion.

After the long-standing tradition of Burgermaster, hidden gem of Wibbley’s, and the addition of Lunchbox Laboratory, came Tipsy Cow in Redmond and Local Burger in Bellevue, both are high-end burger restaurants.

On a weekday, I went to Tipsy Cow for early lunch to beat a potential lunch crowd that absolutely materialized within the hour of my early arrival.

On Tipsy Cow’s website, they mentioned their support to local ranchers, farmers, and distillers; however, aside from their beef supply identified as from Painted Hills, there was not a whole lot of information about where everything else came from.

I loved their burger menu consisting of many other than beef selections, including lamb, pork, buffalo, turkey, salmon, tuna, chicken and vegetarian lentil.

Appetizers looked interesting as well with pork shoulders and eggplant wedges.

We went for chicken wings with Habanero BBQ sauce. Continue reading →

Eureka! – Malay Satay Hut

Met my friend for lunch at Eureka! at the University Village.

Hadn’t been to U. Village for a while and it was absolutely booming.

Molly Moon opened up a store there, Din Tai Fung had its second Washington location, and a Starbucks Reserve store that was supposed to have food and liquor.

Eureka! had a lovely outside seating, and on a sunny day, it was fantastic!

Looked like Eureka! was a California chain restaurant, and the U village location was the first one outside of CA.

Burgers were the main stake of the restaurants, and Eureka! used all natural, no hormone and no antibiotics beef.

At the end, my friend picked the bison burger, since it was infrequently seen at restaurants and the vegetarian burger sparked my interest.

We ended up waiting for a very long time for our food, even though the restaurant did not strike me as particularly crowded on a weekday lunch time.

The waiter was really nice and brought us complimentary fries while we waited for our food.

The fries had ok flavor, on the softer side and not super crispy.

Both burgers arrived looking fantastic and the buns looked soft, nice and appetizing.

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