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Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers in Portland

Continuing on a Hobbit’s journey, we found some perfect places for Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers: Waffle Window, Pok Pok and Pine State Biscuits .


Waffle Window was my sister’s favorite in Portland, which also quickly became my father’s favorite too during his visits.

We had been going to place since they were a one-store shop at Hawthorn.

On an earlier stop at the Hawthorn shop, my sister suffered our first dissatisfaction ever at Waffle Window.

She received a very unsweetened plain pearl sugar waffle.

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The Commons and Ajinomoto Gyoza

We had a girls night out at the Commons in the quiet wine country Woodinville.

I heard that this place was opened by the same people who owned Purple Café and Wine Bar.

The place was very causal with sandwiches, burgers and biscuits to choose from their menu.

Since I did not have to drive that night, I also tried one of the delicious-sounding boozy milkshake, Feldberg.

The drink was sinfully yummy and strong!

It was made with bourbon, chocolate liqueur and coffee liqueur with ice cream and amaretto syrup.


It was super thick, cold and creamy, and I had to share this with my girlfriends since it was very substantial.

I really wanted to try their biscuits and ordered the maple braised pork belly biscuits with spinach, fried eggs and grilled onions.

I love this!

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