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Ramen Versus

The ramen wave in Seattle is still going strong, after Santouka, second Kukai, Arashi and Jin Ya, two other ramen stores opened their doors on the east side.

Ramen Bushi-do is in Issaquah.


I was super excited with this place because the menu looked interesting.

The dish I was dying to try was the fish tsukeman.

Broth was very strong in bonito flavor, noodle was nice and thick.


The other attractive-looking dish was the salmon cold noodle.


Noodle was good, flavor was ok.

I had mechanical issue with the dish: why were the salmon and vegetables diced?

With every bite, the diced ingredient fell through the gaps of the noodle; then, I had to pick up the diced vegetables from the plate.

I would prefer the vegetables to be julienned, and perhaps salmon in larger chunks.

It looked great on presentation, but difficult to eat.

On the appetizers, gomae did not have enough sesame flavor and was too wet.

9_1_2016 10_21_37

The “appetizer” of marinated bean sprouts were ok.

Chicken karaage was fried nice and crisp, but it came with a Chinese salt and pepper dipping sauce for Chinese steamed salted chicken, not Japanese at all.

We opted for the low sodium version of the Tonkotsu ramen which, perhaps was a mistake.


The  sodium level was just right for our taste, but the flavor was weak.

There was the thickness from the collagen of the bone broth, but without flavor, a little strange.

By comparison to Ramen Bushi-do, Yoshi Ramen in Bellevue had a much smaller menu.


On the first visit, I had the yuzu ramen with chicken soup.

It had a fragrant grapefruit/citrus flavor in a light chicken broth, very delightful.


Their #1 noodle was the Jiro noodle with pork, and tons of bean sprouts.

The broth had a deep, garlicky flavor, little salty but still good.

Pork was tender, and noodle had the perfect chewy texture.


A note on their noodle, they were not the typical ramen noodle: a lot thicker, almost like Chinese noodle, and I absolutely found the bouncy texture enjoyable.

Some people online did not like their broth because it was not thick.

It did not bother me one bit.

Being Chinese, I like brothy soup, and Ramen Yoshi’s broth was right down my alley.

Ramen Yoshi’s shining star was their mazenmen.


Dan Dan, spicy flavor with ground pork, delicious and addictive.

For appetizers, chicken karaage was fried very well, and marinated flavorfully with lots of garlic, exactly how I like them.

The fried squid was also very good, tender and crisp.

WP_20160724_15_21_06_Pro WP_20160724_15_20_17_Pro

I am partial to Ramen Yoshi in this round of ramen versus.

Ramen Bushi-Do Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Indian Versus

Eastside’s Indian food scene has been exploding by the minute.

Established restaurants such as Mayuri, competing with vegetarian restaurants such as Udupi and Bombay House, and new places such as Chaat House and Chick and Fish, choices are endless!

Recently we ventured out to two other Indian restaurants in town.

First up, Oh! India for a late buffet lunch.

They have locations, one inside Crossroad Mall’s food court, and the other one right outside the Mall as the full restaurant.


We considered coming here because we actually ordered a shrimp curry and fish curry from them one night for dinner and found them quite delicious.

It came with regular rice which was good, and tamarind rice which was very salty.

Well, we thought we could give them a chance for lunch as well.

The variety for the buffet was fairly good.

Naan was unfortunately very greasy, and some of the papadam was soggy.

Their dosa had no filling.


Oh! India’s chicken kabob had high cumin flavor and was very good; curry was not bad either; butter chicken was very sweet.

Their chai was very astringent, and Lipton-like black tea flavor.

We got a hint to leave when they turned off the light on us as a signal; I would prefer them actually talk to us rather than having this feeling of passive-aggressiveness.

Needless to say, our experience was so-so, and food was not as good as our selective take-outs.

Second restaurant we tried was Moghul Palace, came highly recommended by our friends.

My friend really love their meatballs with masala sauce, tomato-ey and garlicky, with very tender meat, they were really good.

Baighan bharta was delicious, and I love the brown spices and spiciness in the Jalfrazie — we opted for fish and the fish was tender and tasty.

Chili masala was glorious with wonderful aromatics.

Since dinner was very good, I had to go try their lunch buffet, but was a little disappointed mainly due to the small selections.

Perhaps I was there too late, but there was only meatballs, Tandoori chicken, mango chicken curry, with some salads, rice, a chickpeas curry and a stir fry vegetables.

I was spoiled by Udupi with Chais, dosas, papadams, and all kinds of breads, and Bombay House would also have Chai and soup; and Kanishka has a really good spread of food — so Mogul’s buffet just felt a little small.

Nonetheless, food was great still, and I will be returning to Moghul.

I am afraid I cannot say the same sentiment go for Oh! India when there are other much better Indian options to fill my tummy!

Moghul Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Eastside Brunches

I am always at a lost when I have to come up with ideas for breakfast or brunch on the eastside.

If we rule out Asian food, options are few.

I have tried Couzin’s in Kirkland, and Pomegranate in Redmond; some dishes are good but not something wow — so the hunt for eastside brunch continues.

Recently, I tried Lot 3 and Eques.

Lot 3 in Bellevue is physically join with Purple Cafe on NE 6th Street, from the same folks that brings us The Commons in Woodinville.


On the weekend, they serve brunch menu including waffles, sandwiches, eggs, and soups and salads; along with breakfast booze such as Bloody Mary.

Sat at their brown, low leather couch by the window, we watched the place got really busy and filled up on a Sunday.

WP_20150816_10_28_16_ProWe were there for the waffles for my Dad.

A malted waffle with fruit compote, pecan, bourbon syrup and whipped cream, they were unfortunately underperformed as they were quite soggy.

My simple fluffy scramble with goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach was tasty, but the side potatoes was not very crisp.


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Kings of Pastry and Boiling Point

Do you want to drool over some super delicious-looking pastries and cakes?

Or do you want to see the inner workings of highly-skilled French pastry chefs?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then Kings of Pastry may be the documentary for you!


This film was about the pastry section of the once every four-year Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, open for all ambitious pastry chefs who want the title of the best craftsmen in France.

The Meilleur Ouvrier de France is a French government-recognized honor for not only pastry chefs, but clockmakers, glassmakers, wood workers, hairdressers to name a few, out of the 15 categories of skills that can be awarded at this highest honor.

In short, they referred to this honor as MOF, and apparently it is a prosecutable offense in France if one was caught impersonating as MOF.

Sixteen finalists are selected every four years, and this documentary followed three of them, with one of them particularly at length since he is one the faculty members of the French Pastry School in Chicago.

In the Greater Seattle area, we have pastry chefs from Crumble and Flake and Midori who graduated from this prestige pastry school.

Scenes after scenes of the amazing pull sugar sculptures, mini mouth-watering pastries, chocolates, lollipops and cakes, I was ooing and ahhing a lot. Continue reading →

Dim Sum Factory 鼎記

The concept of Dim Sum factory is awesome: dim sum all day long, along with noodles and congees.

Traditionally, dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong open as early as five or six in the morning for breakfast, and serve dim sum all the way until about 3pm; the restaurants then change over to serve dishes for dinner.

The long-hour of serving dim sum at Dim Sum Factory means dim sum fans can get them all the time, and one can even pop in and get a snack!

Opened by the lady who also owns Top Gun, Dim Sum Factory is the second dim sum location within the small blocks of Factoria.

However, reviews have not been kind to Dim Sum Factory.

We heard of soft opening, bad reviews, closed, and reopened; my interest of trying plummeted.

Then, we went a couple of weeks ago per friends’ suggestion — time to check it out.

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