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Salted Sea

The hunt of good seafood never ends in Seattle.

This time, we travelled to Columbia City to try Salted Sea.

We went on a Thursday evening, and it was pretty quiet in the restaurant.

The menu was not big; and with a party of six, we ordered many of the small dishes to share and enjoy the variety Salted Sea had to offer.

Crab cakes were the best with sweet, soft lumps of crabs, and a decently dried crisp crust.

Fish and chips was ok, the coating on the fish was light, but we did not love its flavor.

The octopus had mix review from our table.

I got a meaty chunk and it was excellent — soft, nicely grilled with a little charred flavor.

However, the smaller pieces that other folks in my party had was completely burnt and tough.

The side salad was amazing with smaller pieces of soft octopus meat, crunchy fennel and apple, refreshing and delightful.

L: fried oysters R: grilled octopus

Fried oysters were good: sweet, fresh, with a flavorful cornmeal crust.

The ceviche was a little weird with serving of toasts.

It was extremely sour with very little fish.

Seafood stew was fairly good with generous portion of black cod, mussels and clams.

It had shiso and green onion flavors, interesting combination, and seafood was cooked perfectly.

Clams in sambal broth was addictive with salty Chinese sausage, the spiciness of sambal, and lots of garlic.

We got brussels sprouts for fiber allotment, and they were undercooked, but with decent flavor of red peppers.

The meal was good but not wow; it is a little hard to justify driving a long way for it.
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Supper in Portland — Tasty and Sons

Saw Tasty n Sons on Urbanspoon for a while, and their menu seemed fun enough to try on our Hobbit journey.

Tasty n Sons was opened by the same folks who owned Toro Bravo, a fabulous Spanish tapas joint in Portland.

I read online that they opened at 5:30pm for dinner.

We were there at 5:30pm and was already late — the restaurant and bar were both full, and plenty of people in front of us in line, and we waited for about 40 mins for our table.


First, tasty beverage.

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Quality Athletics

What a fun place!

I had very high hope for Quality Athletics because the restaurant was opened by the same folk who opened Westward, one of my favorite restaurants in town currently.

It was most certainly a sports bar dedicated to the sports fan that would likely roam around Pioneer Square pre- or post- games, and I could see this place packed with fans drinking and enjoying good food.


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