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Sushi Kappo Tamura

Sushi Kappo Tamura has been a staple in Seattle’s sushi scene for a very long time.

Their primary focus was to serve fresh and seasonal local food in the restaurant.

Although not a truly sustainable sushi restaurant, Sushi Kappo Tamura has tried to educate through listing sustainable fish options in their menu.

We went there long time ago, and found their prices quite high, and had not returned — until recently that I found out they do brunch on the weekend!

I always love Japanese breakfast: with congee, pickled vegetables, simple grilled fish, stew meat or vegetables, a complete, delicious and satisfying meal; I was looking for something like that in Kappo Tamura.

Brunch menu was simple with gozen, sushi combinations and a noodle.

The choice was obvious for me, and my sister.

I went for the Hiru Gozen with braised Wagyu beef and sashimi, and she went for Asa Gozen with grilled salmon.

DH stuck with his favorite, sushi combination.

When food arrived, the Hiru Gozen was presented beautifully.WP_20160102_13_35_49_Pro

Miso soup was tasty with yu choy, squash and tofu skin, unusual ingredient in a restaurant and I loved it!


Something that I thought was a side of agedashi tofu, turned out to be fried mochi; which was very dense, filling and bland inside, not sure I was a fan.

Very much looking forward to the Wagyu steak but was a little disappointed with it a bit overcooked; sukiyaki-like flavor was great, with awesome vegetables and mushrooms.

The stewed seaweed side dish with pork was great with comforting sweetened soy flavor, and sashimi was fresh.

Green beans and mushrooms had a light dressing which was tasty as well.


The Asa gozen was similar to the Hiru with the salmon in place of beef, and tamago in place of sashimi.

Salmon was grilled simply and well, and just had to love the sweetened egg omelet.

DH’s sushi combination looked great but I felt bad for him: I knew he was not going to be full.


Friend’s chirashi was also fantastic-looking, alas, another boy who would still be hungry after brunch.


I did not taste any of their sushi or chirashi because the portion was already so small.

Dessert was a panna cotta with yuzu ad goji berry.


Super tasty, and very yogurt with smooth and nice texture, lovely, light and refreshing.

From a price point of view, the gozen was $23 (salmon) and $28(beef) respectively, not too bad.

The sushi combination is at $26 and chirashi at $21, a little pricey for the portion in my opinion.

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