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Sunset Gyro

WP_20150610_13_15_19_ProSomething about the spices and garlic flavors in gyro or shawarma meat that was very addictive to me.

Whenever we had the craving, we default to Aladdin in University District.

A trip to IKEA brought us to Sunset Gyro in Renton, and we found surprises in this out-of-the-way store.

Sunset Gyro can be found right on the busy Sunset Boulevard; with simple white and blue decoration in the store, and a few menu items, this place speaks no-frill.

DH longed for chicken shawarma and I had to try their special Kounbbeh.

Our entrée came with a side fresh green lettuce salad that was adorned with meaty and plump olives, spicy pepperocini, red onion, tomatoes and feta cheese, simple and tasty.


As many Mediterranean food places, our entrée was huge with creamy and delectable hummus (made super delicious with some unidentifiable spices) and toasty warm pita bread wedges.

DH chicken shawarma was very lean, baldly flavored with garlic, parsley and exotic spices.


The nicest Lebanese gentleman who helped us turned out to be the owner, and he told us a lot about this special Kounbbeh dish.

WP_20150610_13_28_04_Pro WP_20150610_13_31_50_Pro

Apparently its preparation takes at least three to four hours to make a six-inch by twelve-inch worth of Kounbbeh.

At the bottom, cracked wheat with ground meat, then layered with walnut, onions and sumac, followed by more cracked wheat and ground meat, and bake; resulting in this delicate, mildly flavored meat dish that was not heavy at all.

It was really delicious with complex spices; the meat tasted like ground beef, and every bite had amazingly velvety texture.

Our dishes also came with waffle fries.

A gyro place would be the last place I thought to find good fries, but Sunset Gyro’s was fantastic!

Perfect texture, light thin layer of crisp surface with soft potato inside.

… but there was something special about the potatoes cut in this waffle shape, probably due to the higher ratio of crispy surface to soft potato, plus the springiness from the air pockets between potatoes, they were exceptionally delicious.

I will certainly visit again next time I am in the neighborhood!
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