99% Food, 1% Skin


Our physical and mental health contributes to our overall well being as humans on earth; one of the pathway to great physical health is through diets — the food we put in our mouths every day.

Plant-based diet is known to have many health benefits including lowering heart disease risks and having protective effects against cancer.

In the eastside, my favorite vegetarian restaurants are Udupi Café and Bombay House, both serving delicious Indian vegetarian food.

Now there is another option to help with advancing our well-being — Sukho Thai.

Sukho Thai is a vegetarian and pescetarian restaurant, taking over the old Saigon City on Bel-Red Road.

The restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet lunch 7 days a week.

Food is very delicious, and I went twice already in 2 weeks!


The best for DH was the all-you-can-eat pad thai: noodle quality was good (great chew and dry) and flavor was simple and authentic.

Generally there were 2 fried appetizer items: spring rolls and a very tasty, curry potato-filled curry pocket; and 2 soups: sweet and sour soup, and my favorite tom kar with mushrooms, tomatoes and tofu; fragrant lemongrass and galangal, plus creamy coconut milk.


There were also 2 cold salads, my new love (and I am going to start making this at home!) was this sweet, sour, salty combination of green apples, mangoes, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro in a slight vinegary tamarind dressing.

Large amount of white or brown rice went well with green curry, vegetarian rama (delicious peanut sauce!), and different stir-fry: my first visit was a cashew vegetables, and the second time, an eggplant stir fry with tofu and green beans.

There was deep fried goodies as well — fried vegetables with garlic sauce.

Buffet offering was small but everything was tasty and fresh.

I found myself yearning for vegetables other than cabbage, broccoli and carrots during my first visit (these 3 vegetables showed up in phad thai, cashew stir fry with addition of water chestnut and green curry with additional zucchini); as a result, I was a happy camper on the second visit when there was eggplant and green beans.

I hope that Sukho will venture out and use a larger variety of vegetables — sweet potatoes/yams, squash, cauliflower would all be great addition to name a few.

I ended my meal with my best-loved black sticky rice dessert with coconut milk.

Consumption of this mildly sweet, distinctive, barley flavor-like black rice also promotes anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects in the body.

A meal with such great health benefit and at $9.95 per person, Sukho is already on my frequent-dining list.

At the least, I want to go back for the intriguing Pomelo and crispy rice salad, and banana blossom salad!

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