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Suhang Shanghainese

IMG_8677My Vancouver grandma knows that both my dad and I love Shanghainese food, and she was excited to share her new find in Richmond.

We had gone to Ningbo, and used to go to Shanghai River; and this time we checked out Suhang.

The restaurant space was not big, but it was certainly busy.

The menu looked great and authentic, we were eager.

We had three appetizers to share.

The cold meat was flavored well, tender and tasty, salted just right — the closest way to describe it was a tenderer, very thick cut prosciutto.

A dish called “Ma Lan Tou”, 馬蘭頭 , a mix of this vegetables that tasted like a cross of celery and spinach, with shredded tofu.


Top: ma lan tou — L: kor-fu — R: cold pork

The dish was delicious enough, but I wish for higher vegetables to tofu ratio.

Another quintessential Shanghainese appetizer was, “kor-fu” in Shanghainese, a soy sauce braised gluten.

The gluten were spongy, and soaked up sauce of sweet soy sauce and black Chinese mushrooms that they were cooked in, the way it ought to be.

My dad and I both really were excited to try the authentic hot and sour soup, and sad to say, we were thoroughly disappointed.


The flavor profile was completely wrong.

Seemed like Su Hang’s hot and sour soup was made with siracha-like hot sauce, with sharp, unbalanced vinegary flavor and sour taste, just sad.

Thank goodness, the rest of the dishes are ok.

The pan-fried buns were decent, with the soft bun outside and excellently crispy bottom (way better than Dough Zone here); pork inside was tender, but I was not a fan of the seasoning of the pork — very gingery, and overpowering.


Pan-fried eel, on the other hand, was very expensive with what we paid for.


Flavor of the dish was good, but there was so little eel in it, it made the dish really expensive.

The sweet and sour fried fish was very good; fish was fresh, fried crispy, meat was tender, and the sauce was great.


Growing up, restaurants in Hong Kong used this really delicate and tender fish we translated as “yellow flower fish”, but here, in Suhang, they used cod, which had firmer texture — a different experience.

Overall, aside from the hot and sour soup, flavors were good; while not everything was spot-on, it was still a far better Shanghainese meal than what we could get in Seattle.

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