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Stone Korean

I love Korean food because I love banchan, Korean side dishes.

Without going to Federal Way or Lynnwood area, which are both about 40 mins away, I believe Stone Korean is the best Korean restaurant on the east side.

One caveat, it does come with east side prices as well.


They have a great variety of banchan and all delicious.


My favorite are spinach and bean sprouts.

Once I made the cold bean sprouts myself, that was when I realized it was so much work with so little yield.

After the vegetables shrunk tremendously after cooking, and wringing water out of the sprouts, I was barely left with a few bites.

Since then I have decided that it was food preparation best left for the pros.

Stone Korean’s kimchee is excellent as well — fairly hot, very garlicky, but with a sense of sweetness and just right amount of peppers; the marinate allows the nature and flavors of napa cabbage to shine through.

I often get dolsot bibimbap because of the fun crispy rice at the bottom of the stone pot.


At Stone, they make them perfectly.

Some places do not let the rice cook long enough, or with high enough heat to create the burnt rice at the bottom, and rice will just be slightly dried out–a whimpy attempt.

Stones’ are nicely browned, very crisp yet not burnt nor too hard to eat.

Their fried chicken are usually great as well.


The last time I went though, the hot wings were a little disappointing.

Fried crisp, hot with great coating as usual, but the chicken were bland inside – either not enough marinate or just not marinated long enough.


Our party had kimchi vegetarian soondubu, Korean tofu stew, that was spicy, healthy and delicious.

Tofu was extremely soft, and the soup in the tofu stew was super garlicky with strong kimchi flavor.

Spicy chicken bulgogi was full of the deep fermented flavors of the traditional Korean pepper paste.

Tender and flavorful chicken was best with the side white rice that was also served in a heated stone pot- more crispy rice at the bottom!

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