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Savor and Kimchi Amigos

Savor – mindful eating, mindful lifestyle was a book written by a monk and his follower.

I had to admit when I first put this book in my library queue, I did not expect the content that I eventually read.

The book was focused on using mindfulness to deal with over-eating and overweight problems.

Using Buddhist philosophy, the authors encouraged readers to look into themselves to understand the root cause of their over eating behavior.

A lot of the techniques and skills were common sense and wildly known theories; but with every day busy life we might have ignored.

For example, they recommended techniques to bring mindfulness into eating: noticed the feeling in the body after we consumed certain food, ate slowly and chewed our food.

There was a section of the book dedicated to explaining the different nutrients that we needed in our lives: the carbs, the fats, proteins and etc; and the authors’ recommendations on eating these types of food, both based on Buddhist philosophy and results from nutritional science research.

As a yoga practitioner, these ideas were very much in line with my practice.

Even though I was not overweight, I certainly over-ate, which was not a good practice for my health.

I definitely fell into the category of eating with my mind rather than my stomach – something to work on personally.

Learning to live in the present moment and at peace with ourselves reduced our suffering in the long run.

Let’s start from the simple task of eating.

Went to Kimchi Amigos with my friend for a quick lunch — I had in mind a fusion Korean place based on the name.

When I arrived at the parking lot, I recognized the location but always thought it was a Teriyaki place because the sign promptly featured Teriyaki.


They did serve Teriyaki, and Korean bibimbap, soft tofu soup, kimchi fried rice, a few Korean meat entrees and kimchi burrito.

In reality, the only fusion dish was the burrito.

The space was small, for just about 16 people or so.

My friend decided to have the burrito, and I got the bibimbap.


The burrito was actually quite big and really tasty!

We opted for spicy pork and the pork was tender, garlicky, and had nice flavor.

The fluffy rice was also flavored with kimchi spicy goodness.

The burrito skin was thin and soft; and to complete the meal, there was also vegetables inside the burrito.

The bibimbap was ok.


I had problem with Korean restaurant serving cold green salad as one of the topping in bibimbap even if they were fresh.

I felt that it was a cop-out from putting real banchan (pickled/salted side dishes).

The dish still had a few delicious banchan such as bean sprouts, cucumbers, spinach and mushrooms.

I asked for grilled tofu and it had a very firm texture and was lightly seasoned on the top – tasty enough.

The sunny side up however was overcooked and not runny at all.

I would definitely return for the Korean burrito, and I also wanted to try their Kimchi fried rice as they looked really good.

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