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Red Mill Burgers and A La Mode Pie

The last several times when my father was in Seattle, we went to different burger joints to find his ultimate favorite.

I brought him to Burger Masters, Blue Moon, Fat Burger and 5 guys.

When we went to Red Mill Burgers, he fell in love.

He told me, “we don’t have to look anymore”.


We went back this time, and he had his favorite, double bacon cheese burger.

I had their veggie burger with caramelized red onions.

Their buns were toasted perfectly — light soft bread, with just a touch of toast to give a harder crust.

I could not comment on the beef burger as I did not want to deprive my dad of his full experience by taking a bite from him.

My veggie burger on the other hand was tasty.

Fresh crisp lettuce that literally crunch in the mouth, and with simple juicy tomato slice.

The caramelized onions were sweet, strong in onion flavor, which added complexity to the veggie patty.

The veggie patty contained lots of shredded carrots and mushroom chunks, which gave a chewier texture to the patty which I enjoyed.

We had their onion rings as well.

Very crispy cornmeal coating that held up very well in the frying process and the soft onions inside.

The cornmeal gave a different texture and also different flavors than conventional flour breading.

I shall return again to have the actual beef burger one day!


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It had become our ritual to stop at A la Mode Pie after Red Mill Burgers.


I LOVED their French Apple Pie!

Surprisingly, this was a statement from someone who normally skipped apple pie.

I did not like most apple pies because the apples were soggy, or too cooked.

I might have been traumatized by McDonald’s apple pie when I grew up in Hong Kong — and that was my first apple pie introduction.

Since then, I had other store-bought or even some home-made apple pie, and I still found the apples soggy, until A la Mode’s!


bought a whole one home so DH could have some!


The apples held their sliced shape, and actually still had a chewy texture of raw apples.

The crust was buttery and the crumble on top was sinfully delicious.

The crumbles did crumble, and gave an enjoyable sandy texture in the mouth.

The apple pie was also sweetened just right and with a hint of tartness from the apples.

I did not want to know how much calories I had consumed, and it was the perfect time to just enjoy the pie.WP_20140321_14_36_25_Pro20140324173437

We also tried the strawberry rhubarb pie at the store as my parents were curious with rhubarb, something we did not have in Hong Kong.

It was very sour with nice strawberry flavors.

It was in a conventional pie crust, which I was not too huge of a fan of; not because it was not tasty, but I had not preferred them for as long as I could remember.


I had also tried their Mexican chocolate mousse in previous occasion.

Silky, luscious with lots of chocolate and strong hint of spices, it was a real treat!

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