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Red Cow

How many restaurants does Seattle restaurant mogul Ethan Stowell have?

To date, the Ethan Stowell empire extends to include nine restaurants, pizza joints, wine storage and packaged pastas.

My favorites had come and go over time: loved How to Cook a Wolf when they first opened; and was excited about Anchovies and Olives’ opening until I saw some duplicate dishes from How to Cook a Wolf.

Although I had not visit for a while, but Tavolata was great; while watching Staple and Fancy going downhill.

Last year, I had a fantastic meal at MKT., and now finally able to visit Red Cow.

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Main focus of this restaurant was steaks.

I had my eyes set on the rib eye Wagyu beef when I first read the menu online; unexpectedly, we were told that it took 30 minutes to prepare, so I ordered it right away before we were ready to order anything else.

Since my meat-loving father was with us, I figured we should try another steak; and I picked the Coulotte, which was French for top sirloin.


Coulotte @ Red Cow

The steaks were prepared with a really delicious spice rub and grilled; accompanied by some excellent sauces: red wine reduction, spicy horseradish, compound butter and Bernaise sauce.

First, the beef.


Wagyu rib eye

They were extremely lean and flavorful.

To our surprise, there was only a small difference in texture between the Coulotte and the Wagyu rib eye.

The Wagyu rib eye cut was not necessarily fattier, but just a bit more tender and soft, and gave way to the teeth easier than the Coulotte.

With Coulotte and the well done surfaces of the Wagyu, I could feel every muscle and fiber of the steak, quite classic of grass fed beef.

My favorite of the four steak sauces was the red wine reduction, which actually was not strong in red wine, but au jus-like with hint of onion and red wine, very delicious.


L Top: sauces for the steaks — R Top: Seared stone fruits — Bottom: peas with crème fraiche

The compound butter was a burst of flavors from different herbs, and I really would like more — except it already started solidifying quickly, and I would rather have melted butter than solid butter on my steak.

The Bernaise sauce was beautifully made: eggy, creamy, with slight garlic flavor and tarragon, it was a velvety complement to the meat.

All in all, our party found the American Wagyu not worth the high price.

Personally, I had better experience with the American Wagyu at Altura.

DH wanted the King salmon, and I wanted to try the smoked veal breast in their charcuterie category.


DH’s King salmon was tasty, especially the side with corn, cherry tomatoes and potatoes, accented with mint.

The intriguing smoked veal breast ended up as an expensive adventure.


Very lean and gamier than I thought, it had great flavors; we had about five paper thin pieces, with some bread, mustard and pickled vegetables — totalling $9 … a little steep.

Stone fruits are in season now, and Red Cow offers a grilled stone fruit with tarragon; it was such a delight!

Slightly charred flavor, sweet and tart at the same time, and undoubtfully juicy and peachy; even though light in tarragon, it was still very delicious.

Our other side was the peas with creme fraiche which was good.

Overall, it was a good dinner, but not a wow dinner.

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