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Vietnamese Bun Versus

Bun is the cold Vietnamese noodle salad that are commonly seen in many Vietnamese restaurants around town.

Pho Bahn Mi opened up in Redmond, adding another Vietnamese restaurant option.

The oldest Vietnamese restaurant in that area is probably Pho Hoa, which recently underwent a full face lift, and added a bubble tea counter called Jazen Tea.

My usual Bun is the option with fried roll and grilled pork.

How do the 2 Bun from Pho Bahn Mi and Pho Hoa stack up?


bun from Pho Bahn Mi


Bun from Pho Hoa

I believe Pho Bahn Mi was the winner.

The noodle was thick and nice, similar to Yeh Yeh’s.

Pork was warm, very tender and garlicky, well marinated.

Fried roll was hot, crispy outside and soft inside;  not much black mushroom inside which I liked.

There was the usual green onion, carrots, lettuce and bean sprouts plus a little cilantro and pickled onions added as well (which was not present in the Pho Hoa’s).

Versus Pho Hoa’s, noodle was good, but I did not even remember the last time I got a freshly-fried roll or pork that were hot.

The plate looked really big, but I felt that the portion had actually gotten smaller since they switched from the bowl.

With the bubble tea counter, there are 3 snacks offering: Vietnamese taco, basically gilled meat and vegetables in soft taco shell, popcorn chicken and fried potatoes.

We had the popcorn chicken, wondering if it would be better than the top choice in that neighborhood: Boba Express.

WP_20150204_11_59_49_Pro…and it wasn’t — not garlicky enough and overfried due to the smaller chicken piece size, they were hard; and I really missed the basil that came with Boba Express’ popcorn chicken.

Bubble tea selection was decent with both regular caffeinated milk teas and non-caffeinated fruit tea (some options of the fruit tea also contained green tea).

Tutti Fruity seemed interesting with mango tea, and mango and strawberry bits.


Their cup was far much wider, and looked a lot more squatted than usual.

I loved the unique shape but realized that I could never drink this in the car because it would not fit in cup holder.

The drink itself was ok, sweet, and possibly artificially flavored.

The fruit bits were very tiny, the size of grains of rice.

I will return to Pho Bahn Mi to try their Pho!

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