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Double P Sandwiches

Paseo and Pecos Pit!

Both sandwich places are iconic for the Seattle area: down to earth, no-frills, cheap and good eats; one serves up Caribbean sandwiches and plates, the other, BBQ.

After all the drama, Paseo is officially back in business, in the same location, with the same long line, and the same plastic chairs.

We went to check out if the sandwiches were just as I remembered, and they were: garlicky and extremely messy to eat.


DH had their famous Caribbean roast with marinated pork shoulders, and I, fish of the day.


Caribbean Roast


Fish of the day

The roast pork sandwich was juicy, with large sweet caramelized onions and crisp lettuce.

My fish was code that day, and it was peppery spicy, pan-fried nicely and of course, with the signature garlicky sauce.

Bread were toasty, the only way to contain the juicy meat and runny sauce — some messy goodness!

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Pecos Pit has been in the SODO area for 33 years, and only opens from 10:30am to 4pm, weekdays only.


Menu is simple: shredded brisket or pork (Pecos beef or pork), sliced brisket or chicken and hot links.


My favorite has long been the Pecos pork and I “spike it” — meaning adding a hot link to the sandwich.


Sandwich itself was usually a little messy since it came prepared with BBQ sauce, and I usually ate with a fork.

The pork was always smoky, and the smokiness came through the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce; the spiciness of the hot link not only cut through the BBQ sauce, but spread through the entire mouth, setting it on fire.

Aside from the hot link’s flavor, I especially enjoyed the crunchy texture of the hot link’s skin.

The bun was not something fantastic, if anything, it was always soft and could not really hold up the generous about of meat; but who goes to Pecos Pit for buns anyway?

I usually could not finish a whole sandwich, but this time I had DH, so we try their BBQ beans as well.


Flavors were great, meaty, savory and smoky, but far too much black pepper — a distraction from the simple tasty baked beans.

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