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Parfait and Food Chain

Just released in Netflix, I was expecting to watch a movie on the usual food related subjects such as animal mistreatment, environmental damages, unhealthy American diet and neglect from agriculture etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that this documentary was about the social impact on people, specifically farm workers.

It was about the historic exploitation of different migrant farm worker group, and the documentary gave an overview of the current supply chain structure that had perpetuated this exploitation.

The tomato industry was the focus for this movie, but problems existed all across our different agricultural products including grape harvesting for California vineyards.

The movie shone a light on the power to change this dynamic by organizing labor and bringing awareness to consumers; amazingly, we, as consumers, need to endure very little affordable change to help farm workers out of poverty.

Food Chains expressed the complex issues of food delivery in our country, and gave a voice to those who worked very hard to put food on our tables.

Started off as an ice cream truck, Parfait now has this permanent location.


Parfait is tucked away in a quiet street off the main Market Street in Ballard, next to Skillet Diner.

The small store is airy and simple in décor.

Aside from their ice cream being artisanal, organic, and their ingredients sourced as locally as possible, Parfait also makes ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches.


I couldn’t find a good angle to take picture of the goods in the display, but there were ice cream pops, cakes, sandwiches and macaroons

The day I went in, I went for non-dairy options of Asian pear sorbet and chocolate sorbet (contained coconut milk).


I was blown away with the chocolate sorbet.

Super chocolaty with velvety texture, it almost did not taste like sorbet except that it had a much lighter mouthfeel than regular ice cream.

The Asian pear sorbet tasted like real juicy pear.

We noticed that the pear one melted a lot slower than the chocolate sorbet, which lead us to believe that the pear one probably had a lot more fiber with actual pear holding the frozen mass up.

I brought home the lemon blueberry shortcake and caramel chocolate chip cookie; both were amazingly delicious.

A big burst of lemon and berry flavors came between very buttery and crumbly short bread.

Lemon was delivered by the ice cream and blueberry from a layer of jam or compote that tasted extremely juicy.


The chocolate chip cookies were chewy, with extra crunchy texture from the sugar crystals on top, and smooth caramel ice cream in between.

I made a list: next time I return, waffle cone with dairy ice cream, and one of those ice cream macaroons!

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