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One World Restaurant

With everything seems so expensive nowadays in the Greater Seattle, can you believe you can get a gourmet three-course lunch for $18?

Starters including Dungeness crab panna cotta, and entrée choices include duck confit, rabbit saddle and ling cod?

There is only one criteria to enjoy this low-cost gourmet meal: present yourself at Seattle Central Community College’s One World Restaurant during fall, winter and spring quarters, between 11:15am to 12:45pm, every Tuesdays to Fridays.

The Seattle Culinary Academy is housed inside Seattle Central Community College, and has been offering culinary program since 1941: a six-quarter culinary arts program, and a five-quarter specialty desserts and breads program. The academy runs three food areas with Seattle Central: One World, Square One Bistro and the Buzz.

I had previously gone to One World twice with no luck: one time, I was not aware that they closed on Mondays; and another time, just happened to be end of quarter; so call the school first before heading out.

WP_20150515_11_16_52_ProThis time, I was properly invited to my friend’s cooking project  – a four-course tasting menu (only $21) of his design, as part of his culinary arts program final project.

For a small dining room, One world has a big kitchen.

My friend prepared a delicious spring favorite, cream of asparagus soup with a touch of addictive tartness that was from a cashew crème fraiche; followed by an arugula cucumber salad with sesame dressing and citrus cured Coho salmon. WP_20150515_11_40_23_Pro WP_20150515_11_56_28_Pro

Main course, lamb meat balls; with red wine reduction, potato, carrots, and red chard crisps.


Meat balls were super bouncy and garlicky with a side potato that was nice and crisp.

Most surprising element of the dish were the pickled Bunapi mushrooms. Never had pickled mushroom before — the texture was similar to cooked mushrooms, and the sourness of pickling brine and mushroom flavor worked extremely well!

The chard crisp brought back memories of tasty, mouth-watering kale chips. Finally, a deconstructed rhubarb cobbler with sweet ginger mango coulis, paired with super creamy eggy vanilla ice cream that had many specks of vanilla beans as dessert.


All in all, a delicious meal! We even got an extra, plenty-fun, behind the scene kitchen tour after lunch.

6_15_2015 17_22_54

L: One World back kitchen R: back kitchen spice station

The back kitchen was so much bigger than the One World dining kitchen. That was where my friend had spent many hours of his school time, starting from learning basic skills, to preparing food for classmates, to preparing meals for hundreds of people.

6_15_2015 17_23_49

L: back kitchen, frying station R: One world front kitchen

Some of the food prepared are sold at Square One Bistro. One last stop before leaving Seattle Central was to stop at the Buzz, where pastries, breads and coffee were sold.

The baked goods are the works from the Specialty desserts and breads program. WP_20150515_13_22_45_Pro I bought a large loaf of delicious hearty honey spelt bread for $2.50, along with croissant, muffin, scone etc.

My muffin and scone was very good, but the croissant was not quite flaky.

Unfortunately, the pastry section at the Buzz is only opened with limited hours, Tuesdays to Fridays, from 10am to 3:30pm.

If you find yourself around Capitol Hill area Tuesdays to Fridays, stop by for an economical lunch and pick up some great pastries!

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