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Eating out in Houston – Part II

On our way to dinner at Torchy’s Tacos, my sister got really excited because she saw the food truck, oh my Gogi! BBQ in the same neighborhood.

We decided in that instant we were going to have 2 dinners!

Taco first.



Torchy’s Tacos is a chain originated from Austin, TX.

Some of the Tacos have fun names such as The Republican, The Democrat or Mr. Pink.

I had the Independent, which was a taco with fried portobello mushroom,and it was light, crisp, and delicious.

Topped with creamy carrot, avocado, fried sweet corn and tantalizing garlic sauce — super tasty.


DH’s green chile pork was very soft and flavorful as well.

We were introduced to a soda brand called Maine Root there; all natural, fair trade certified yummy bubbles.

I especially like the Doppelganger — very similar to Mr. Pibb, and the berry soda.

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After we finished tacos, we walked across the street to oh my Gogi!


Oh My Gogi! is a Korean-inspired food truck, with OMG fries and ramen burger!


The fries reminded me of poutine — with cheese, spicy sauce and we chose Korean short rib meat, I loved the idea.

Flavors were good as well but I was disappointed with the fries, a little soggy and the meat tasted like it was boiled rather than grilled.


The ramen burger was another creative take.

The noodle cakes were crispy and bulgogi beef along with green onions were the stuffing.

I did not dare to pick up the “burger” to eat but resorted to fork and knife.

Such a fun eating experience!

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