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Odd Duck in Austin TX


Odd Duck, what a funny restaurant name!  Had been looking forward to Odd Duck before we arrived in TX.

I loved the mismatch plates and cups, adding to another touch of being odd!

Food was tapas-style, and many dishes looked very interesting and we narrowed down to 6.

This was the first time I had pickled okras, and I am a fan now!


Top: red snapper ceviche — Bottom: pickled okras

Pickling took out the sliminess inside the okra and made the vegetables so much more palatable.

Crunchy, and even a little smoky (addition of liquid smoke?), it was a new adventure.

Next up: ceviche.

This was also my first time having ceviche made with red snapper.

Naturally the fish texture was a lot firmer and stiffer.

Apple chutney, something citrus and jalapeno were dancing in this vibrantly flavored dish.

It was packed with heat, and a few sweet potato chips were added for a Texan twist.

Fried chicken croquettes were next.


It was delicious but was not what I expected.

A ball of fried chicken with nice thin crisp shell but no starch – quite surprised!

The soft duck egg fried rice was tasty with strong mushroom flavors of shiitake and oyster mushrooms.


Unlike the Cantonese style fried rice, this was fried with stickier rice.

The soft duck egg made the dish velvety and creamy, with an occasional crunch from sprouts.

We were in one of the coldest night of the season yet in Austin area.

With our covered outdoor seating, heat was turned up, soup was required.


I had the sweet corn soup, or the wildly pepper-bearded face man!

Loved the humor in plating!

First ever soup with corn nuts and feta cheese.

The creamy sweet corn soup carried a lovely green onion oil, and the crunchy nutty corn nuts made exciting texture possible in the soup.

The goat feta added a hint of sourness and saltiness — a very interesting flavor combination indeed.

Our finale was a spaghetti with smoked pork cheek.


Pastas had great texture and added creaminess from another soft poached egg.

The smoky pillowy pork cheek was a snap-shot of campfire.

Dark, woody and earthy, it was a strong and tasty dish, but not as minty as advertised.

There was a whole roast rabbit, goat confit, pork crackling and gulf fish that I really wanted to try.

Alas! All 3 stomachs were stretched to their max, another trip to Austin is needed!

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