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NuTiger Organics Fresh Cashew Milk

Meet Lynnette.


Mother, nurse, entrepreneur, and the heart and soul behind NuTiger Organics cashew milk.

Business was not in Lynnette’s mind in the beginning.

Her daughter has eczema, and the doctor had recommended a reduction in dairy and gluten consumption.

Home-made cashew milk was Lynnette’s solution to her child’s need.

Not only that little Miss did not reject the cashew milk, she wanted more; so did people who had tried Lynnette’s cashew milk — and that was 2 years ago.

The experience got the business bug going for Lynnette, and she has since been making small-batch, high quality cashew milk.

NuTiger Organic’s cashew milk has a total of 5 simple ingredients: water, cashew, vanilla, coconut nectar and salt; with a process involving soaking cashew nuts for at least 6 hours to break down the enzyme inhibitors from inside the nuts, and in turn, releases the nutrients that are bind to these inhibitors.


I was lucky to try this delicious cashew milk — creamy and thick, similar to half-and-half, the cashew flavor was very mild, and it had a slight gritty mouthfeel, a reminder that I was drinking a fine nut product.

The first sensorial experience of the cashew milk was from the nose: the natural, aromatic and sweet vanilla bean flavor that I associated with Haagen Daz ice cream.

Amazingly, the vanilla Lynnette uses are from Uganda — I have not a clue that Uganda produces vanilla; Madagascar, Indonesia and China are historically the top vanilla producing countries .

It was a case of serendipity for Lynnette.

Her supplier introduced her to this Ugandan vanilla; and coincidentally, Lynnette’s family was from Uganda, and was in exile since the 70s.

She felt strongly about using the Ugandan vanilla as a mean to give back and help Uganda.

The next sensation from drinking the milk was this full body experience, undoubtedly from the finely ground cashew nuts.

They are from Vietnam for now, but a small African farm supplier was already identified for once NuTiger Organics commercializes in the future.

Every ounce of nuts going into making the cashew milk ends up in the bottle, and there is no waste at all — a result of Lynnette’s effort in working with a food scientist at Oregon State University.

The mild sweetness was from coconut nectar, Lynnette’s sweetener of choice due to its very low glycemic index, and abundance of amino acids, minerals and high amount of vitamin B and C.

I have never heard of coconut nectar before, and loved the careful and thoughtful selection of ingredients for this cashew milk.

Expansion and new products are definitely in Lynnette’s mind: she is formulating new flavors for the cashew milk, and potential refrigerated and frozen cashew treats.

I found Lynnette’s can-do attitude and her commitment to delivering a product of superior quality inspirational.

She is currently raising money to formalize and grow her production; and is working with PCC and Whole Foods to carry NuTiger.

Once the amount of start-up money is achieved, Lynnette is planning to produce her cashew milk in a commercial kitchen locally in Seattle.

One of the hardest task then will be to move water, along with all other equipment and ingredients to and from the commercial kitchen each time she produces.

She plans on bringing water because she uses only chlorine- and fluoride-free water, and it is unavailable at the rental space.

This quality cashew milk product is not pasteurized but raw, and have a 10-day refrigerated shelf life.

Have a taste of it at the up-coming The Seattle Wine and Food Experience!

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