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The celebration of international street foods is the theme at Nue.

Located in Capitol Hill neighborhood, Nue has a fun décor with many Asian-inspired artifacts in the restaurant.


Once walked in, the bustling open kitchen made the place very lively, recreating that sense of eating out on a street, surrounded by many street vendors.

On Nue’s website, they welcome visitors’ suggestions of street food that they have experienced around the world for consideration on Nue’s menu.

With 5 of us in our party, we have the available stomach space to try most of the dishes.

Romanian mititei and Latvian Sprat were the 2 dishes I was dying to have.

This was the first time I ever saw mititei in Seattle area restaurant!


Mititei was grilled formed ground meat patties or sausages (usually a mix of beef, lamb and/or pork) with spices, fairly similar to Turkish kofta.

It was one of my favorite food while visiting Romania, and my Romanian friends made them at home as well.

The mititei at Nue was very good and authentic, bouncy, crunchy meat with fantastic spices and herbs, exceptionally delicious.

I never had sprat before, and could not speak to its authenticity; it turned out to be small, silvery, oil-preserved fish similar to anchovies, served with a side of thin rye bread crackers.


The sprat was less fishy than anchovies, with a nice firm texture and fantastic fish fattiness.

I kept wondering whether I could buy that at my local “Russian” stores which also carried grocery items from other eastern European/Baltic countries — then I could have lots of Sprat without making a trip!

Representing South Africa was their bunny chow: rabbit stew served with a big thick toast similar to the ones at Hong Kong cafes.

It was spicy with strong bay leaf flavors, sitting on a soft, pillowy and fluffy, slightly toasted buttery bread, perfect combination.

The Barbados pigtail was amazing: seasoned well, tender and ultimately delicious; equally great was the goat curry from Trinidad with nice and crumbly corn bread.

T: Cuban sandwich -- M: Bunny Chow -- BL: goat curry, BR: pigtail

T: Cuban sandwich — M: Bunny Chow — BL: goat curry, BR: pigtail

Nue’s Cuban sandwich reminded me of the ones at Mojito Cafe, dry to touch, with melty cheese, tasty pork shoulder and ham.

The Western dishes were definitely Nue’s strong suit, the Asian ones unfortunately were less authentic.

Yakitori came unconventionally as a whole chicken leg (traditional yakitori are grilled skewered meats); flavor was good but overall it was wet and not the usual grilled dry surface.

The giant Korean chicken wings were smothered with the red pepper soy bean paste, too salty and could not taste the chicken.

T:Laksa -- ML: yakitori -- BL: broccoli -- BR: Korean chicken wings

T:Laksa — ML: yakitori — BL: broccoli — BR: Korean chicken wings

Laksa was probably the greatest disappointment.

Wide rice noodle was used (instead of vermicelli), and the soup tasted more satay and strong coconut flavor than the characteristic dried shrimp and complex spice flavors.

Nue offered Balut, the semi developed duck egg — a rare find in our area as well.

I will certainly bring my father back for their Cuban sandwich and Romanian Mititei.

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