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Nollie’s and Aladdin Gyrocery

We found ourselves around Lake Union on a quiet weekend morning, looking for a place to have a bite before our appointment.

Found Nollie’s Café on the internet and we popped in for breakfast.


The place apparently had lots of history.

It was the first ever cheese cake factory in the Seattle area.

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The ambience reminded me of having breakfast at a friend’s house, cozy and comfortable in a little house, with friendly staff, and a neighborhood gem where everyone knew everyone.

I really wanted to try the Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich, but decided to go for something just a little healthier – sausage roll with gravy and a soy mocha.


Coffee was decent but the soy milk was a little beany — still not as good as the soy option at French Bakery or Café Cesura.

The sausage roll was crispy and flaky with delicious black pepper gravy on top and a dash of sweetness from maple syrup.

Sausage itself was spicy and the egg was cooked amazingly just right — runny and creamy velvety egg yolk.

I will certainly go to Nollie’s again when I am in the neighborhood!

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A favorite cheap and quick eatery of mine is Aladdin Gyrocery.


Not to be confused with another really close-by Aladdin Falafel Corner, the 2 restaurants are completely unrelated; and I believe Aladdin Gyrocery is far superior — with the backing from my Egyptian friend!


Time and time again, I went back for lamb and beef gyro.

Inside the warm soft pita bread, one will find a generous amount of tender and very strongly cumin and garlic marinated gyro meat, with fresh mint yogurt, lettuce and tomato slices.

Nothing fancy, but the gyro was deliciously hitting the spot every time, and I found the garlicky meat addictive.

Every bite was a contrast in texture and temperature: soft and warm pita and meat, crunchy and cold vegetables, and the cold yogurt sauce.

I love to have the gyro pair with the Arabic tea, a sweetened black tea with sage.

Always extremely hot, sweet and aromatically cleansing, it helps to cuts down the potential heaviness from the gyro.

I am salivating just thinking about it!

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