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Noble Sandwich in Austin, TX

If I have to live in TX, I can live in Austin.

It had a Portland-feel with plenty independent businesses, small town vibe, with a Texan twist.

We were there for a very short overnight trip and managed to go to Noble Sandwich Company twice!

Each store’s menu was a little different.

It was well-worth the 2 visits — for lunch and for breakfast.

First store was in north Austin.


Among 11 of the sandwich selections, we opted for cow tongue, smoked duck and Creole catfish.

Sandwiches did not look big yet filling enough.

DH”s smoked duck pastrami was the best (apologize for the fuzzy picture!).


The duck meat was thinly sliced, very smoky and super tender.

Simply stacked with pungent pickles and a solid wheat bread, it was simple and delicious.

Each of the sandwiches came with nice pickled vegetables of celery, carrots and onions, on the side; along with simply salted potato chips.

All the breads were toasted perfectly with crunch on the top and soft inside.

My sister’s cow tongue was awesome.


Extremely tender and lightly seasoned, it was layered with roasted peppers chutney and the rye bread gave an extra hint of caraway flavor.

My catfish unfortunately was the most muted of all 3.


The pan-fried catfish fillet was soft and decent, but the overall sandwich was a little greasy with the tomato aioli.

I also chose bacon bread, out of curiosity; however, there really was not much bacon flavor in the bacon bread.

At the counter, they were selling their pickles, pates, and other desserts such as bread pudding and chocolate pudding that my sister said was delicious.

I was tempted by the very good-looking dark chocolate cookie for $1!


So unreal!

It was the best $1 dark chocolate cookie I ever had!

Moist, chewy, strong dark chocolate flavor; comparable to Dahlia Bakery’s cookie!

They did not skimmed on the cookie size either — a good 3 to 4 inch diameter.

Only downside was too sweet — but for $1, I was very happy!!!!

We went back for breakfast the next morning at a Noble in the south end of Austin.


My sister said there was the must-try ox tail waffle.


L: apple ginger waffle — R: ox tail waffle

It was delicious!

Tender and very strong red wine flavor, I could taste the meat, the tendon and the fatty part of the ox tail.

It came with an excellently poached egg and seasoned potato wedges.

Interestingly, when I tasted the plain waffle by itself, it was not that great — just a little sweet, not crisp: in fact on a soft side, and almost bready.

However, along with the eggs and stewed ox tail, the waffle was a fantastic vehicle.

Apple ginger waffle was another choice of ours.

The apples were still crisp and deliciously caramelized; scrambled eggs were fluffy and additive.

The most surprisingly element was the waffle — a sesame seed waffle, with a savory touch.

I broke my record to have the earliest dessert at breakfast.

We shared a flourless chocolate almond cake.


L: triple chocolate marshmallow cookie — R: chocolate almond tart

Very dark chocolate cake and almond paste encrusted in a dark chocolate ganache, it was surprisingly not sweet with crunchy chocolate pieces throughout, and crunchy chopped almond on top.

It paired exceptionally well with my smooth, nutty, roasty and low acidity cold brew coffee.

We bought another cookie called triple chocolate marshmallow.

Even though it sounded so sweet, in reality, sweetness was just right with delicious dark chocolate chips, buttery dough and perfect texture.

This casual sandwich place pumped out awesome and high quality food, no wonder it was expanding!

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