99% Food, 1% Skin


Am I glad that Morsel exists!


Really great biscuits and flavor combinations!

We went there very first time after lunch to try out their dessert biscuits.

They were so superb that we went back the next day to sample more flavors!


The first day, we had these blackberry meyer lemon compote on buttermilk biscuit.

The biscuits were huge, just about 5-inch diameter.

They were soft and fluffy inside with nice hint of buttery flavor and the crust was toasty hard.

The blackberry compote was sweet and tart, and the meyer lemon compote was bitter but full of juiciness.

It felt like I was eating a raw sweet lemon.

Paired with a lightly sweetened whipped cream filled with vanilla flavor and creaminess,  there was multiple levels of fresh flavors bursting in the mouth.

I picked up a roasted garlic biscuit with bacon jam to take home for next day breakfast.


The garlic flavor was mild yet very pleasant.

The bacon jam was most certainly a winner!

It was spicy, chunky and meaty with sweetness and smoky flavor.

I could taste the labor of love of someone standing, chopping down hunks of bacon, mixing the bacon bits with something sweet and something spicy to make this jam.

After the breakfast biscuit, we returned to the store for second breakfast.

We had the Spanish fly, which consisted of arugula, fried egg, manchego cheese, tomato jam and prosciutto.


It was one of the most wonderful breakfast sandwich I ever had!

We were able to choose the type of biscuits and egg doneness.

I had Spanish Fly with their cheddar cheese and chive biscuit for extra cheesy flavor, and had the eggs runny for the biscuits to soak up the yolk!

I loved the slight burn which enhanced the sharpness of the manchego cheese, and it made the cheese crispy.

There was spiciness in Spanish Fly, likely from the spicy tomato jam which had excellent flavor and extremely addictive.

Soft runny egg with fresh arugula rounded up the biscuit sandwich with freshness.

For dessert, we had the special pomegranate pear.


The pear chunks were prepared excellently – cooked just right in texture that it still had the chew of fresh firm pear but cooked just enough to be caramelized and to release more flavors.

The pear also carried the aromatics of brown spices, which coupled fantastically with the pomegranate molasses and was sweet and tart.

With the dollop of sweet cream on a delicious buttermilk biscuit, it was a filling and tasty treat.

They are still plenty more fixings (strawberry balsamic jam for one) and sandwiches I have still yet to try.

Will be returning soon!

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