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The Search of Milk Tea and Intricate (and Delicious) Cakes

Since I have been back in Hong Kong, I had been obsessively looking for great cup of milk tea.

I had it almost every day, any chance I got, and this place in Wai Chai was still the best — “Golden Phoenix”.


A simple small place that served milk tea, coffee, or “yuen yeung”, which was a mix of milk tea and coffee with simple breakfast sandwiches, pineapple buns and bread.

The milk tea was silky smooth and creamy.


Strong tea flavor but not sour, bitter nor astringent.

I finished the milk tea and got another yuen yeung to go.

The bread was just a simple sweet bun, but fluffy, buttery and soft.

Cheap and delicious breakfast.

I read on the newspaper about this cake shop in Sai Wai, Cake’s Secrets.


Tiny little store boosted about 12 delicately and beautifully prepared cakes.

The intricacy in the green tea red bean cake was amazing (the one above with green sticks).

At first, I thought the sticks were hard crunchy cookies until I attempted to pick them up with my fingers and realized that they gave and crumbled.

The cake was strong in matcha flavor; thin layers of red bean, cream and cake.

It was a treat!

The chocolate truffle tart and “dark secret” were both super chocolaty, suitable for dark chocolate lovers.

Their tart shells were super delicious — crumbly hard and nicely flavored, particularly the fruit tart shells were very buttery.

The purple yam one was tasty and very detailed; I wish the purple yam flavor was stronger.

The chestnut cake was pretty with yummy chestnut flavor.


The caramel walnut tart had delicious huge walnuts but not enough caramel flavor.

I went on the shop’s Facebook page and looked like they custom-made many beautiful and cute cakes!

It will be a great place to order cakes for celebration for my family!

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