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Bakery versus – Midori and Columbia City Bakery

Tucked quietly in a Redmond business park was Midori Bakery.


The only reason I knew they were there was the effective sandwich board advertising on the main road.

However, it had been very inconvenient for me to go there because they only opened from 6:30am to 10am wed to Friday, and weekends from 8am to 2pm.


The tiny store space housed many delicious pastry items.

I knew that they took orders for custom cakes but I had not had their cakes yet.

I wished they had sliced cakes in the store so I could sample before jumping in to order a whole cake.


L: strawberry tart – Middle: marionberry coffee cake – R top: Kouign Amann – R bottom: lemon ginger scone

That day, I took home a strawberry tart, a lemon ginger scone, a Kouign Amann, marionberry coffee cake and chocolate chip cookie.

The coffee cake was delicious — super moist with crunchy and buttery crumble topping.

Overall, it was a little sticky to the palate, and marionberry flavor was only delivered through the fruits in their pockets.

The strawberry tart was tasty as well.

I had their croissant before which was extremely flaky and buttery.

This strawberry tart had a similar croissant-like bottom crust.

It was supposed to have coconut in it but I could not taste it.

There was some strawberry jam below the fresh strawberries which was sweet, and the real strawberries were tart.

The almonds were a nice touch giving a harder texture than the rest of the pastry and nutty flavor.

I was not a fan of the lemon ginger scone — the ginger was musty earthy candied ginger, and the scone was not very lemony.

The texture was very mouth drying and more stiff than soft dough.

It reminded me of scones that I could get from Starbucks that was hard and not too good.

The Kouign Amann was interesting.

The store owner explained to me that it tasted like a fried croissant with caramelized sugar.

Web search resulted that Kouign Amann was a French pastry from the a particular region of Brittany, France.

A bite of this pastry revealed that it did taste like crunchy croissant, flaky inside and hard caramelized sugar outside which gave the crunchiness and stickiness to the teeth.

Every bite was textural fun but it was most definitely too sweet for me.

The chocolate chip cookie had lots of deep roasty dark chocolate that was bitter-sweet – soft, sweet goodness that I loved.

Midori bakery had identified a new location to move to in Redmond, with expansion in mind.

I really hoped their hours would be more convenient.

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A rare chance of going over to Columbia City, I stepped into Columbia City Bakery.


The atmosphere was vibrant and they had plenty of pastries, cakes and bread.


Coming off from a full lunch, I was only attracted to the cherry chocolate bundt cake and these really delicious looking fruit bars.


The chocolate cherry bundt cake was awesome – super moist, dense yet soft, with very dark chocolate flavor.

The cherry was subtle and I could see the cherry chunks which was moist but a little too sweet; overall, delicious.

I had a sour cherry bar and a prune bar.

They were tasty with very moist fruit layer.

The top and bottom dough part was not dense as I was expecting.

They were more pastry-like than health fruit bars.

Slight tartness from both cherries and prunes, the bars were not too sweet.

There was an excellent-looking Black Forest Cake I really wanted to try, unfortunately it was only available to take home whole.

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