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More Malaysian Food: Mee Siam, Otak-Otak and Nasi Lemak

Breakfast was at the tiny store serving Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak and most importantly, Otak-otak.

Mee Siam was a stir-fried rice noodle with sauces of tamarind, salted soy beans and chili paste.

It was a cheap and quick local breakfast food.


The shop also sold grilled fish balls and stuffed tofu.


Nasi Lemak was probably the quintessential Malay food.


I saw Nasi Lemak in almost all Malay and Indian food stalls.

They were wrapped in a pyramid shape with pandan leaf and paper.

Inside, there was fragrant coconut rice with chili paste, sambal, hard-boiled egg and dried fish with peanuts.

I even got this dish on our flight to Singapore.

Lastly, otak-otak.

It was a dish of Chinese origin popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


This delicious treat was made with wraps of banana leaves;  inside, soft fish paste with chili paste, as well as aromatics such as garlic and lemongrass.


The lady at the shop was constantly grilling and doing a brisk business.


My friend said that the longer we stayed at the shop, the more we were going to smell like otak; I found that to be more pleasant than the strong scent of Korean barbeque!

Thanksgiving food is definitely different this year being in Asia!

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