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Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Soto Ayam and Balinese BBQ Platter

Continued our days with big breakfasts of Mee Goreng, that was fantastically cooked with shredded egg omelette on top.

The noodle was cooked to perfection – just right chewiness and softness, and great flavoring to this quintessential Indonesian dish, of course, crispy and delicious Krupuk Udang, shrimp crackers as well.


DH got the Nasi Goreng, which was just as wonderful — fluffy light fried rice that was not greasy.


For dinner, we got this Balinese BBQ platter, and it was quite a treat!

Aside from the usual chicken, pork and beef sate, there were sate Lilit.

Sate Lilit was a traditional Balinese seafood sate.

In our case, it was made with mahi-mahi.

The unique part was that instead of using the usual bamboo skewer, a lemongrass stick was used, and the fish paste was adhere onto the lemongrass stick for grilling.

The resulting tender soft fish was pleasantly scented with lemongrass.


The platter also came with Ayam Betutu, a chicken dish wrapped in banana leaf with lots of hot pepper and spice paste; and Urutan Celeng, a grilled pork sausage.

The chicken was well-flavored but was a little dry; however, the pork sausage was excellent with all the spices and aromatics that were used in it.

The staple of Nasi Goreng and Krupuk Udang were delicious accompaniment with the barbeque meats.

We got the company of sambal sauce, peanut sauce for the sate, spicy soy sauce, sambal colo-colo, and another sambal that I was unfortunately unfamiliar with.

We also got a soup, Soto Ayam, that was particularly enjoyable; it was a meal on its own.


Soto Ayam was a chicken soup with lots of clear mungbean noodle, tomatoes, bean sprouts, cabbage, with lots of spices, such as ginger, garlic, lemongrass and fried shallots.

It was simply delightful!