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Rover’s, now closed for many years, used to be one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle; its intricate food and well-designed tasting menu was one of the best in town.

Since its closure, Rover’s owner, Thierry Rautureau has opened Luc, in Madison Valley near the old Rover’s, and Loulay in downtown Seattle.

Truthfully, the low rating Luc received has deterred me from trying them out.

But the back of head always wonder, can it really be that bad if I really enjoyed Rovers?


Off we went to brunch, and it was delightful.

Their onion soup was one of the best I had around town.


The best part was the ratio of soup, bread and cheese.

Most places did not have enough soup — it was either soaked up by the bread and became this unpleasant fallen-apart mush; or there was so much cheese that it became a cheese dish.

Luc used just the right amount of comte cheese which had a nice chew and very high creamy buttery note.

Plenty of nice, meaty broth, and not salty, with hint of sweetness from the onions, it was a very tasty soup, and I was in heaven!

Egg in the omelette was extremely fluffy, blanketing soft smoked salmon and fresh spinach, with light crème fraiche to add a touch of creaminess; a mix of vegetative, smokiness, buttery note all in one.


Complemental vegetable hash had savory sweet carrots, well done potatoes and arugula, it was a perfect balance.

We saw a smoked salmon crepe on the online menu, but it was no longer offer on their physical menu.

Luckily, the chef was willing to make that for us.


Crepe was light, thin and good, with generous chunks of smoked salmon and potatoes.

My Croquet Madam was HUGE — the biggest I have seen so far!


Flavorful ham, fresh egg, with creamy and neutral flavor bechamel, all on top of a thick piece of wonderful bread with just right ratio of softness inside and a chewy crust.

Both the crepe and Croque Madame came with a side fresh salad of frisee and spinach, with ground beets which almost served as a dressing.

We could not resist the sides of fries, and it was definitely on the top of my list.


Crispy dry outside and soft potato inside, it hadvery pleasant oil flavor, and served with a hot harissa aioli.

I wish Luc would open for lunch, but for now, I can enjoy their food on the weekends and evenings.

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