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Little Uncle and Comfort me with Apples


Heard so much rave about Little Uncle, I finally made it there in a gorgeous sunny afternoon!

We almost missed the store as the restaurant was actually at the basement, and only the name of the restaurant on a window was visible from street level.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the steps, it opened into this big cavernous space.

I loved the natural wood décor with rice bags lining the walls under the bar.

There were quite a few unique items on the menu.

One of them was the kanom gui chai, griddled rice cakes with chives, soy and garlic.

They were excellent!


The outer layer rice flour was chewy like mochi, and it was grilled crisp on the burnt places.

It reminded me a little of eating Japanese grilled mochi at yakitori places.

The chives and garlic stuffing was strong with character, seductively fragrant and it made me want more and more.

Honestly, an order of 3 just was not quite enough!


We ordered a roti with lamb curry and a pork soup noodle.

The roti was exceptionally buttery and crisp with delicious tender lamb inside.

It did not have very strong curry flavor and seemed like the roti was more the star.

The pork soup noodle was very delicious with garlicky, fried shallot soup; ground pork was tender, and the roast pork was crisp with sweet soy flavor — fantastic.

I wish there was more meat.

The portions were a little small, most of my guy friends would not be full with one bowl of noodle.

The 3 dishes that we tried were all great.

DH loved pad thai, so I brought a to-go for him; and I just loved the package!


It was the most eco-friendly packaging I had ever seen!

The pad thai was fried dry — which certainly was a plus, with the noodle cooked perfectly.


I loved that it was vegetarian with eggs and tofu, and that Little Uncle used the traditional ingredient, tamarind for flavor.

However, it was a little bland for both DH’s and my taste.

By the time we left, the cavernous space no longer seemed large as it was packed with people during the busy lunch hour.

It was definitely a great place for lunch!

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Another excellent read from my favorite author, Ruth Reichl.

This book was different from Garlic and Sapphire as it was in memoir style.

The book covered the times before she became the restaurant critic for New York Times, when the author was living in Berkeley, CA, and already a food writer for smaller papers and magazines.

Recipes were sprinkled throughout the book, along with adventurous stories about eating and indulging in France, her research and write-up about then the up and coming new chef, Wolfgang Puck.

She also went on a food trip to China in the 80’s when China had just opened its door to tourists.

What I did not expect was drama!

Reichl wrote candidly about her extramarital affairs, her next relationship, and her struggle and her path of having a child.

The book was a page turner for me, and I hung onto her every word describing food and wine.

Ruth Reichl is still my writing inspiration! so much to learn….

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