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L.A. Food Finds Part III

Our second farmers’ market destination was The Original Farmers’ Market.

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The space was old school with big food court, and many more nostalgic food stalls.

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This farmers market has more meat vendors and a French super market.

According to “I want what Phil’s have”, we had to try Loteria! Grill‘s breakfast mole Chilaquiles, tortilla chips sautéed with salsa, and served with black beans and cheese, with mole sauce.

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Their mole sauce was really quite delicious, sweet, salty and slightly spicy, it was smooth, with the classic hint of cocoa and plenty aromatic spices, onions and garlic.

But I found having tortilla chips as breakfast was not my thing; I would much rather have this over rice.

Another super attractive product was Zia Valentina’s waffleshots.


A choice of mini waffle cones; simple ones just coated with different chocolate in the inside and bottom of the waffle cone, and creative ones with caramel, s’more, peanut butter or cookies n’ cream  layer between the chocolate and the inside of the cone bottom.


Then, your choice of hot drink — hot chocolate, Americano,  espresso etc. into the cone.

The idea is that the hot drink melts the chocolate coating, and mix with the simple chocolate from the waffle cone, or the extra delicious flavors hidden at the bottom of the cone.

It was yummy and fun, albeit a little messy when I got to the bottom with everything melting, a handful of joy!

Dinner was at Road to Seoul, an all-you-can-eat Korean buffet at Korea town.

It was a bustling, loud, and very busy place.

Set menus with different meat offerings at different price point, you are free to order any meat offerings within that price category.

Meat quality was good, but I was really looking forward to banchan, and there was no variety, and had to ask for kimchi.

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