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L.A. Food Finds Part II

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While leaving my beloved husband waiting in line for Eggslut, my short hop to Little Tokyo yielded some delicious donuts from Café Dulce.


plenty street foods for sale along the way, reminded me of all the food businesses in Tokyo subway stations


Many flavors to drool on, donuts were fresh and light — not to the level of Blue Star yet, but still decent.

Our host loved the small bacon donut hole, and I tried the Koko Churro which was fluffy and good.

The shop also sells drinks, and I had to try their Hong Kong milk tea.


It was very creamy but the tea flavor was not bold enough in my opinion; it was also a little sweet and came sweetened, I wished I could add my own sweetener.

Lunch that day was at Gottusi.

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I had requested my friend to look for a okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) place since we do not have any in Seattle, and I was dying to have a good one.

Gottsui offers both the Osaka style, with filling and batter mixed together before cooking, and the Hiroshima style, where meats, vegetables and batter are layered.

We had the Gottsui Osaka style with shrimp, calamari and pork as filling, and the Kobe beef Hiroshima style, along with a yakisoba.


Verdict: their Hiroshima style was much better mostly due to the batter.

The Osaka style was fluffy, with good amount of seafood and pork belly, the smokiness from the bonito flakes was absolutely desirable, but there was something stale tasting in the batter which I did not like.

Hiroshima Kobe beef okonomiyaki had very tender batter and good chewy noodles, and crunchy vegetables on top, and finished with an egg; all very good flavors and texture, but was a little salty.


I had always admired the patience it took to make the layers in the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki.

My stomach was near explosion, and had no space to try the “pretty good” husband-rating yakisoba.


To accompany my meal, I had a matcha Palmer, but unfortunately there was not much matcha flavor, and the lemonade was definitely not fresh squeezed and not so great.

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