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Kukai Ramen

Kukai Ramen had redeemed itself!  I went there when they first opened.  Its opening was much-anticipated and of course, long line followed suit.  I was not impressed at the time.  I wanted to order the chicken ramen and they sold out of the chicken broth.  Worse of all, they sold out of eggs!  ramen place with no egg!  We ordered the shoyu and spicy ramen and some izakaya dishes at the end.  Prices were fairly high with its small portion.  The guys at our party were not full.

Went again for lunch today after many months.  I was finally able to try the chicken rich broth ramen AND soft boil egg.  Both were delicious.  The noodle were chewy with good texture.  The chicken broth was very rich albeit very salty.  The soft boil eggs were done perfectly.  Flavor outside and runny inside.  The standard chicken ramen only came with chicken chasiu; it was another dollar to add an egg.  I had asked to replace my chicken with egg.  With the rich chicken broth, it was another additional $4 (otherwise, there were 2 lighter broth versions for the chicken ramen).  I considered it pricey at $12 a bowl of small portion ramen with little bit of greens, bamboo shoots and 1 egg.



The izakaya menu was fairly weak since they only had about 14 dishes.  Our usual hangout Ginza has a much more extensive izakaya menu (note that Ginza does not feature the 4-page long izakaya menu on their website).

All in all, it is an OK stop for ramen in Seattle when craving hits (and willing to live with the saltiness) .  Otherwise, I will still opt for ramen in Vancouver BC.

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