99% Food, 1% Skin


With the great experience I had at Hapa in Vancouver, next on the list is Kingyo.

First impression was not great.

The phone reservation left me feeling very unwelcome, as if I was given a giant favor for my table reservation when I was the one bringing in business?

In a nutshell, Kingyo has a 2-hour dining policy; instead of sharing that nicely over the phone, the staff was rude.

Needless to say, felt like the food really needed to be very good for me to return.

First up, salmon carpaccio.


Fresh, nicely textured Sockeye salmon, with fried garlic chips and crunchy sprouts; similar to sister restaurant Suika, there was too much sauce (actually a tasty pesto soy dressing) which covered the great quality ingredient.WP_20151219_17_58_46_Pro

Stone-grilled Kobe beef was expensive at $24 for just about 6 slices or so.

They were definitely melt-in-your-mouth, tender with its signature marbled fat, came with a grease-cutting vinegar sauce or sesame sauce, tasty.

Black cod was ok with soft and buttery flesh, dried tomato and a white miso sauce.


The plate of snow crab sushi looked really great, but there was too much shiso that masked the sweetness of the crab meat, otherwise, it was tasty and refreshing enough; sashimi was fresh and sweet.



Udon was delicious with bonito flavor, spicy and hot.


I was really looking forward to the chawamushi, Japanese steamed egg with crab.

The egg itself was not particularly smooth, but with good sweet corn flavor, sweet and fresh crab.


Drinks were strong: we had Kingyo (rum, shiso, goji and yuzu) and Ichigo (strawberry) mojito, great with food with not much sweetness at all, definitely not a foo-foo drink.


Meal ended up with the chain’s special frozen grapes.


Overall, it was not a wow, but I believe Kingyo is better than Suika; however, I will probably return to Hapa first before Kingyo.

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