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Austin Super Healthy Juice Bar and Creative Ice Cream

One problem became apparent very quickly while eating out in TX was the lack of vegetables.

We went to Whole Foods to load up some fruits, and went to Juiceland to load up more fibers.


It was, yes another juice bar, but with interesting ingredient combinations.


First night, I had the vegetable kingdom with beet, spinach, carrot, cherry, spirulina and mango to up my fibers and vegetables intake for the day that had been filled with Noble meat sandwiches and proteins from Odd Duck.

The vegetable flavor was strong, and there was just enough fruit to make it delicious rather than yuck.

DH had the berry godmother (fresh pineapple juice, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, goji berry, maqui berry, pomegranate).


L: berry goddess — R: vegetable kingdom

Mostly fruits – sweet and excellent.

The next day, I tried their Sweetest Taboo cocktails that had ice cubes made with coconut water.

Sweetest Taboo was a drinkable dessert in a cup with real almond bits and cocoa, cherries and agave.


L: Brazilian kisses — M: Morning Sunshine — R: sweetest taboo

It was quite tasty.

The drinks were expensive, but they were filling and made with fantastic functional ingredients such as noni, coconut oil, goji berries, maca and acai to name a few — all manners of ingredients that at one point or another, a diet/health fad.

Some of the concoction even included durian.

Juiceland – something too pricey to have everyday, but since we were eating out while travelling, it was a great choice to fulfill our vegetables/vitamins/fibers need.

According to my sister, Austin had some of the most expensive ice cream places.

One of these joints was Lick.

WP_20141031_19_54_36_Pro WP_20141031_19_57_38_Pro

Ice cream was good but very pricey.

A comparable Molly Moon kid size scoop cost $3.5, just about the price of Molly Moon’s single.


Flavors though were interesting and creative; almost 20 flavors to choose from the particular night we were there.

I was being good that day so I had vegan coconut chocolate cream pie and vegan vanilla pear.

They were both exceptional.

Very chocolatey on the coconut cream pie with chewy shredded coconut.

I wish there was more pear flavor in the vanilla pear but the vanilla flavor was superb.

They had other amazing flavors such as cardamom pear cake, Texas sheet cake, horchata, Too hot chocolate, goat cheese thyme and honey, roasted beets and fresh mint, and cilantro lime.

The too hot chocolate was crazy spicy; the cilantro and lime was actually dessert-like and sweet – not something that I would expect from cilantro.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get over the roasted beet flavor.

It was just too vegetable for me and I found the ice cream tasting weird.

We took a cajeta ice cream sandwich for DH.

The chocolate cookie was good and chewy, light in chocolate flavor, allowing the mildly caramel cajeta to come through.


Both Juiceland and Lick certainly lived up the hipsters culture of Austin.

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