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Special Interests on the Eastside

Are you on a special diet?  Do you like board games?

Hugo’s and Mox Boarding House are the solutions to special interests on the eastside.

Hugo’s Restaurant is located in Redmond; one of the very few, if not the only, full organic, soy free, gluten-free and cow’s dairy free restaurant in the Greater Seattle area.


I love the health consciousness bright about by Hugo’s: aside from organic food, fish are wild caught and beef are grass-fed.

Other than usual lunch, brunch and dinner, a note-worthy mention is the fresh raw juice they offer.


I went for brunch recently and shared the delicious juice called Awake with DH; made with carrot, celery, apple, orange and lime, it was more vegetable than I like, yet they managed to make it tasty.

This was my second visit to Hugo’s since I learnt about this place’s existence from my yoga class.

I remembered not being wowed by it the first time, and had not returned since; this time we visited with our friends requiring special diet, a perfect time to go.

We were greeted with a small starter hummus made with sweet potato and flax seed crackers; flavors were good, just a little thin in texture.

With our party, we had a zucchini spaghetti, French toast, classic eggs benedict and a sausage omelette.

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Zucchini spaghetti turned out to be julienned zucchini with tomato sauce, fantastic idea, and my friend said it was good.


My eggs were good, but the English muffin substitute was hard, dry and cardboardy; I believe it was a piece of gluten-free bread, but the chewy texture was unacceptable.


Instead of Hollandaise sauce which was made with egg and butter, a coconut sauce was substituted.

The sauce itself was not bad, but there was too much sweetness, and the flavor profile did not work well with the rest of the dish; a simple garlic aioli would have worked better.

The hash brown was disappointing as well, it was greasy and undercooked with no crisp.

DH said his omelette was ok; perhaps I did not get their best dishes.

Price was very high due to its ingredient source (both my benedict and DH’s omelette was $20 each), we likely would not be returning any time soon.

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If there is no dietary restrictions, and the desire is to have some fun while eating, Mox Boarding House is the great choice.


At Mox, anyone can bring their games to play while they eat at the restaurant, or they can borrow games from the adjacent game shop.

The cool policy is that they do not have time limit on the tables — it is quite refreshing, anyone can stay as long as they wish; however if there is a line, there is also no telling how long the wait will be.

I had very low expectation on their food; after all, it was a place for board games.

A wide selection of food and drinks were offered in their menu including interesting chicken nuggets fried with waffle batter and arepas with pulled pork.

I went for their vegetarian beet burger for the night, and my friend had the braised cauliflower salad which was absolutely delicious.


As I was eating my moist and tasty burger in a soft pretzel bun, I could smell my friend’s white peach and Persian lime vinaigrette in her salad — it smelled so good!

The best part was sharing the generous and perfectly fried sweet potato fries with friends!

Too bad I was full!

There was more intriguing plates I wanted to try on their dessert list including house made frozen custard, cherry balsamic cheesecake and French donuts!

I cannot wait to go back and try all these other dishes!
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