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Portland Food Find – Hot Lips Pizza

My longing to visit Portland was finally fulfilled!

Although we had been to Portland many times, we had not done much touristy activities.

This time we drove along the Columbia River historic scenic drive, and it really was gorgeous.


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Of course, no trip to Portland was complete without awesome food.

We started off with visiting Hot Lips Pizza.

Since becoming a Hot lips soda fan, I wanted to check out the actual pizza joint.WP_20140822_16_21_30_Pro

I was hoping that there would be multiple flavors of sodas on tap; turned out there was only one: raspberry lemonade.


It had fresh nice raspberry flavor; murky as the other Hot Lips berry sodas with yummy tart lemonade — not too sweet, lightly fizzy and refreshing.

The best part was the thick mouthfeel that the soda gave.

It was finely pulped and as if I could taste the whole soda making process in my mouth — crushing of the raspberries, passing the crushed berries through a fine mesh, then the berry slurry was mixed with bubbly water, lemonade and sugar.

I was hoping to buy other bottled soda flavor that I cold not get at Bev Mo! but no luck either.

I had a unique bacon and peach pizza and DH had their version of Hawaiian with pineapple and smoked ham.

The pizzas were decent and the dough was one-of-a-kind.

The thin pizza crust was definitely special — the bottom of the thin pizza crust was very crispy, but the top part of the thin crust was airy.

It was not bready, nor was it hard like a flatbread, it felt as if the crust disappeared in the mouth after the initial dry crispy bottom hit the mouth.

The smoky bacon was a little salty and paired well with the sweet peaches.

The tomato sauce had lots of herb flavors, sweet, tangy and excellent.

The smoked ham had interesting texture – delicately thin, very soft and a generous amount on the pizza with tart pineapple.

I bought a dark chocolate cookie that was baked in-house to-go – unfortunately that was not a star.

It tasted high in cocoa powder and along with the flour taste, it did not communicate real deep dark chocolate.

They did sell refrigerated pizza dough at the store; a cooler would be going with me to Portland next time to bring them home while I stopped for another excellent slice of pizza.

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