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High Tea @ Trellis

I was excited to find out that Trellis Restaurant at the Kirkland Heathman Hotel had high tea in the afternoon from 12 to 4pm, on Thursdays to Sundays.

High Tea service will end on February 16 this year.

My girlfriend and I decided to give this high tea a try.

I always found high tea fun.

With all the delicately prepared varieties of food, experiencing different tastes and textures in one seating, it was a luxury.

I am also fascinated by the fact that it was an afternoon tea event, a snack, but with so much food!

Perhaps I was not supposed to finish all the delicious food?

Compare to high tea in England, it was definitely a far more casual experience.

There were many kinds of Mighty Leaf Teas to choose from for our tea.

We got proper big tea pots with cups, saucers, cream and sugar.

I felt the need to hold up my pinky as I sipped the tea!

A look at the menu told me that we were in for a meal!


Food were served in the traditional high tea 3-tiered platter with savory sandwiches, scones and desserts.


Started off with the savouries.


The cucumber veggie cup was refreshing, flavorful and delicious, with a light tartness and fresh veggies.

The curry chicken with almonds were delicious — crunchy celery with sweet golden raisins, flavors were perfect and the sandwich managed to stay dry and not watery.

The salmon herb cream cheese was smooth, but I would like to see it with more salmon flavor as it was erred heavy on cream cheese flavor.

We also got extra pickled ham salad that was not on the menu.

The ham was amazingly finely chopped, the saltiness of the ham was a wonderful partner to the tartness in the pickles.

Finally the Harissa deviled eggs were to die for — creamy, delicious with light spiciness from harissa.

We made our way to the second level of cherry apricot scones with house-made crème fraiche and blackberry jam, alongside the madeleines.


The scone was tasty with fluffy soft texture inside, with a hint of cherry and apricot flavors from the dried fruits.

The crème fraiche was creamy and light and the blackberry jam was packed with exceptional flavors.

Madeleines had eggy flavors and light sweetness, soft, spongy and fantastic.

On the last level, we found many delightful sweets.


Partial to chocolate, my favorite was the chocolate tartlets with the strawberry on top.

This little bite size treat was packed with serious bittersweet chocolate.

The chocolate graham tart shell was fresh with crumbly goodness.

The ginger puffs with lemon cream (10 o’clock in the picture) was tart with a zing — big bold lemon flavor with a hint of spicy ginger, I really enjoyed it.

Berry cream roulade (4 o’clock in the picture) had sweet berry flavor wrapped inside a soft, light, and nicely flavored cake and fresh cream.

We actually got mini raspberry fruit tarts on a dish that was not on the menu.

They were lovely with eggy custard and fresh raspberries; the tart shell had a wonderful hard texture and buttery flavor.

The cookies and biscotti were both fantastic.

I actually did not know how the chocolate truffles were as by the time I got to them, I was thoroughly stuffed.

I brought home the truffles for DH as his treats, I believed he popped them in his mouth and followed with a smile.

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