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Healthy Salmon Salad (No Mayo) and Toulouse Petit


I roasted the last of our whole wild sockeye salmon for the season using an awesome simple recipe from Jamie Oliver.

The next day, I was really uninterested in reheating the left over salmon, and decided to experiment.

It turned out to be a successful endeavor: salmon and cooked squash.

The moisture in the cooked squash was sufficient to adhere all the ingredients together without the use of any mayonnaise — added health benefit.

Canned salmon can be substituted for left over salmon in this recipe, and I paired the salmon salad with our own pickled green tomatoes.


2 cups of cooked salmon

1.5 cups of cooked spaghetti squash

2 sticks of fresh tarragon, chopped

2 tsp of fruit chutney (I used a lavender peach chutney, but any sweet fruit chutney will do)

salt and pepper to taste



In a large bowl, use a fork to mash apart the cooked salmon

Add cooked spaghetti squash, chopped tarragon and fruit chutney to the salmon

Mix evenly


After an IMAX movie from the Pacific Science Center, we went to Toulouse Petit.


Had not eaten there for quite some time now.

I remembered beignets were good and fried chicken were good.

We were greeted with a huge menu of Southern classics: po’ boys, gumbos and blackened meats.

This time, I went for fried chicken Gumbo, and tried their catfish po’ boy.

WP_20141128_15_16_00_Pro WP_20141128_15_15_53_Pro

DH went for the lamb ragu sloppy Joe.

The fried chicken gumbo was delicious, interesting to find all the odd ends and pieces of meats – sausages, fatty pork, brisket type beef etc.

Tasty and spicy nonetheless, with the crispy and good fried chicken, the bowl of gumbo was very filling!

Catfish po’ boy was ok.

It was a little bland and dry, and I added more of the creole mayonnaise to the sandwich.

DH’s lamb ragu was tender and good, but I found the arugula salad interesting.

Perhaps there was dressing on the arugula, it made the whole sandwich filling a little fragrant and perfumy — not sure I like that.

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