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Guilt Trip

Pork in Indian Food?  What???

I remembered our trip to India a while back, and initially found it interesting that restaurants serve only chicken, goat and lamb along with seafood.

Then, it dawned on us that the no beef and no pork policy was for the majority Hindu, and largest minority Muslim population in India.

Most Indian restaurants in the States also follows that rule — except Guilt Trip in Redmond, striking out as the rule-breaker.


We went for lunch at off hours, so it was quite quiet.

The menu is full of interesting dishes to try, and they have a chai bar and a lassi bar, which I will be back for.

At the Chai bar, they offer the Kashmiri chai which has no milk, and 4 kinds of chais with different spice combinations.

The Lassi bar is even more adventurous, with flavors such as apple pie, saffron almond, tamarind date and mango chili.

The prominent pork in the restaurant comes in the form of bacon.

There was a blue cheese bacon naan, and bacon butter chicken, which we ordered.

Butter chicken was creamy spiked with delicious spices and high in cardamom, however, it was low in bacon flavor.


With such strong spices, I was not really sure how much bacon flavor could come through anyway.

A little on the heavy side, the butter chicken was still a tasty dish, accompanied by buttery paratha.

Guilt Trip has an unlimited pickle bar for all the fixings one can have.

We tried some made with carrots, red onions and etc., all decent.

Kathi rolls are available as well, which can be closest describe as Indian burrito; bacon is an optional add-on.

There is a lamb trikone, which is a paratha pocket with tandoori lamb, onions and mint that have lots of potential.

Lamb sliders look intriguing as well, and a “hot dog” called Lambda Seattle, essentially a lamb kabob in hot dog bun, with a side of their Delhi Beat fries.


Lamb itself was very flavorful and tender, the hot dog bun was lightly toasted with generous amount of cream cheese and onions.

The Delhi fries were quite spicy with great flavor, but sadly, were soggy.

A little fusion, a little out there, Guilt Trip was a fun place to visit with decent food, and very friendly service.

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