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Ice cream Treats in Texas


Frozen Rickshaw, an Asian themed dessert trailer park on the lawn on a quiet street near University of Texas, Austin.

Freshly made mochi ice cream is their specialty.


We had strawberry passionfruit sorbet, chocolate orange and yuzu pear when we visited.

Ice cream were creamy with the desirable small ice crystals, and flavors were lovely.

The mochi skin was nicely chewy, unfortunately the bottom of the mochi where the skin came together was very hard and tough, which detracted from the eating experience.

I wished the yuzu pear would have more yuzu flavor; but the stand-alone Thai Tea ice cream was my first Thai tea ice cream that had enough tea, and tasted like a glass of Thai Tea.

The sorbets though (stand-alone grapefruit and the strawberry passionfruit in mochi) had undesirably large ice crystals that were crunchy — not so great.

Another must-try was the lychee rose drink.


A tad sweet in my opinion, but it was good after a little patience — after the ice melted in my cup.

Chrysanthemum tea and “tong sui” were part of the drink offering as well.


The little seating area surrounding Frozen Rickshaw had a fun whimsical Japanese summer festival feel – a fantastic way to chill and enjoy some desserts!

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My sister had been raving about Cloud 10 for a while now.


At some point in time, Cloud 10 offered 4-course dessert tasting menu which we were hoping to experience — sadly, no such luck.

With their increasing popularity, we could not participate in this amazing experience.

We could only go for the next best thing — sundaes.


Upon walking into the shop, we were greeted with unique ice cream flavors: golden beets with beet jam, dolce de leche chamomile to name a few.


My sister highly recommended the sundaes, as Cloud 10 made all their toppings and add-ons in-house.

I had banana split.


Everything was oozing out of my cup of small banana split (large one came in a nostalgic boat).

It came with 3 scoops of ice cream and I chose the sour cream with banana jam, chocolate and bay leaf marmalade.

Bananas were caramelized with a torch instantly, resulting in fresh crunchy sugar layer on a soft ripe banana.

One of the scoops of ice cream was covered in “magic shell”, much like the thin crisp chocolate layer in dipped ice cream cones.

At the bottom of my cup, there was the roasted pecans and on the very top, was nutella powder and berry syrup.

Garnished with whipped cream, the sundae was such an exciting textural party in the mouth.

Even though I was not a marmalade fan, I had to try the bayleaf marmalade: it was just too intriguing.

The bay leaf worked amazingly well in ice cream — never would have thought.

The marmalade was subtle, slight orangey with the earthy bay leaf, quite an intricate combination.

Light banana flavor in the sour cream banana jam, I loved the slight tanginess from the sour cream.

The plain chocolate was also superb — dark real chocolate flavor (not cocoa), creamy and decadent.

This was such a fun, playful experience, and the sundae elevated the already appetizing ice cream to another new level.

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