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Fish Cake Factory

Had been intrigued by this Thai restaurant’s name for a long while.

Since it was called Fish Cake Factory, my favorite Thai fish cakes must be good with lots of variety.

Sure enough, I saw the fish cake sampler plate on the menu and must order!


Most of the cakes were made with fish (trout, salmon, catfish, snapper and traditional Thai fish cake) except one was made with taro, one with pork and shrimp, crab and a seafood cake.

The snapper cake was super hot and delicious, and the garlic trout cake was tender and yummy on its own right.

The taro cake was fantastically prepared with freshly pressed taro slices.

Both the catfish and salmon cakes were a little dry, but the catfish one was exceptionally flavorful, with the salmon one being tough in texture.

The crab cake was made with nice lumps of fresh crabs and the shrimp and pork cake had great flavor and texture.

The traditional Thai fish cake, Tod Mun Pla, was wonderfully laced with kefir lime flavor and awesome crunchy texture.

The seafood cake was called the California seafood cake with tuna, shrimp and scallops.

Something was chewy in the cake, but was not offensive; and it had nice herb flavor – definitely less Thai and more Western flavor.

We also ordered the trout salad and it was amazing!


The server told us that it was his favorite dish but apparently not too many people ordered it — his thought was because of the price point.

At $14.95, it looked as if it was a very expensive salad.

In fact, it was a generous portion of the deboned whole trout fillet.

Tender and super delicious.

Flavors of lemongrass, red onions mixed with a salad largely comprised of green apple, carrot, green onions and peanuts.

It was a very hot dish for 2 stars but we loved it!

The combination of crunchy crisp texture of apples, carrots and onions worked really well with the fish.

It was most definitely a highlight of our visit.

The ingredients and the light vinegary dressing made the salad extremely light and refreshing; every bite was with a crunch.

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