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Fish and Chips Versus

With Seattle being a seafood town, one would think that we must have many fish and chips specialty joints; yet I can only think of Spud, Pike Street Fish Fry, Nosh and Chippy’s, the new addition by Ethan Howell.

Yelp confirmed my suspicion, with search returned about 9 fish and chips (grills and pubs not counting) specialty shops.

I went to Pike Street Fish Fry long time ago and remembered not liking it, and never went back.

Nosh has been on my to-try list for a very long time, and I was very happy to find out that they are in downtown Bellevue food truck pod every Monday.


Nosh the truck with their raspberry and mint Arnold Palmer

While looking up where to eat on Mercer Island, I found that there is a highly rated fish and chips place called Freshy’s.

So, the most important question: between Nosh the truck and Freshy’s, whose fish and chips reign supreme (tipping my hat to Iron Chef)?

Hands down Nosh.

WP_20150608_11_55_40_ProThe fish piece was how fish and chips should be: big! with awesome fluffy, super thin, local microbrewry beer batter that just gently reminded you that you were eating fried food.

The sustainable Pacific cod fillet itself was extremely tender and soft.

Simple, fish first, and utterly delicious.

The fries were great too with their home-made ketchup and a side of the mushed minty peas — I wish there were more.

Freshy’s fish was very fresh as well.

In fact, Freshy’s is a seafood market, selling fresh seafood and a lot of smoked fish.

6_24_2015 14_37_47

The only reason Freshy’s fried fish lost to Nosh’s was because of their batter — it was thicker with herbs, too crunchy, and a distraction to the otherwise fantastic fish.


fish and chips and razor clam chowder

Together with the too crunchy fries, the meal was a true gut bomb.

Nosh also offers a small menu with bone marrow, rabbit confit, chicken tikka masala, and sandwiches of fish, meatloaf and caprese.

WP_20150608_11_56_22_ProI tried their meatloaf sandwich even though I was never a meat loaf fan, and their meat loaf changed my mind.

The pork and beef mix was tender, lightly seasoned, with carrots and onions; sandwiched between an excellent Macrina potato roll and layered with arugula, roasted tomatoes and herb aioli, the flavors of the sandwich was excellent — with the downfall being too greasy likely due to the buttered roll.

I was delighted to try the fried rabbit confit on my second visit, and I liked it!


The outer coating’s flavor reminded me of KFC — someone had cracked their secret recipe!

Rabbit itself was very lean, a little dry perhaps, still delicious.

Contrast to Nosh’s menu, Freshy’s menu was big, including all kinds of seafood-fried: oysters, clams, shrimps, scallops, and many kinds of fish.

They also serve fish tacos, steamed clams, razor clam chowder, salads and sandwiches.

I had their fried oysters as well; unfortunately same story as the fried fish — amazing fresh oysters in not so great batter.


The razor clam chowder had generous amount of clam, potatoes etc., tasted very good, just way too thick.

I brought that home and watered it down, and still made excellent soup.
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