99% Food, 1% Skin

Fed Up and Sweet Potato Chili

This food documentary was narrated by Katie Couric.

Her soothing voice guided us along a scary journey following 3 teenagers who were morbidly obese.

The solution to weight loss in America had been exercising, yet there was rarely any mention in governmental policy to change what we eat.

Film maker brought up the known fact that the food companies and industry were to blame with their continuous and inexhaustible advertising campaign on unhealthy food such as sugared cereal, sodas and convenient process food.

The food companies were compared to the tobacco companies in the way they used to advertise, and their refusal to admit potential health problems caused by cigarettes and tobacco. Sugary foods were all around us at check out counters in stores, and added in many processed food. Food policies in America was not stellar either; unhealthy food were allowed into school lunch program, much as Fed up with lunch had mentioned.

It was exceptionally heart-breaking in one of the example that the school was offering healthy food choices — but along the side of the unhealthy pizza and fries that the school was still obligated to serve due to contracts with food companies; at the end, I believe with 200+ students, less than 10% of them chose the healthy option.

The interviews with the 3 children’s parents were also very telling.

They admitted that buying process food was easier. In one instance, the mom said “hot pockets was what he liked, so I tried to buy leaner and low-fat version.”

These comments were quite appalling to me — it seemed like the parents also need education on how to eat better for themselves! One family started cooking healthy, home-cooked meal at home, and most members experienced weight loss.

One of the 3 kids had to have surgery to help weight loss; it was insane to watch a teenager having to go through threatening surgery just to manage his weight, and making decision on his mortality at such a young age.

Sweet Potato Chili

Made this detox approved chili as an experiment and was excited it came out decent!

DH ate most of it and loved it — full of proteins, healthy and vegan! I am always a little skittish using slow cooker; it felt as if once the lid is closed, there is no turning back.



1 large sweet potato, peeled and cubed

1/2 lb. dry beans, soaked at least 6 hours before usage

1 medium onion, diced

1 tbsp. maple syrup

1 tsp. red chili flakes

salt and pepper to taste




Add all the ingredients into a 4.5 quart* slow cooker.

Add cold water until 1/2″ below the top of ingredients

Cook at low setting for 8 hours.


*not all slow cookers are the same!  cooking temperature may vary dependent on brand, altitude and the fullness of the slow cooker.  If you have a larger or smaller pot, calling time and amount of water may have to be adjusted.

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