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Detox and Healthy Food Products

It’s the time of the year for my annual detox!

One week down and 2 more weeks to go.

This week is vegan week, and it is always the hardest, especially because the diet does not allow tomatoes and soy.

I have continued to experiment with coconut flour (made a gluten-free vegan coconut pear bar), but I was still not proud of the experiment.

Currently, I am counting down the days to enjoy a nice cup of soy mocha from The French Bakery; and have a box of local hand-made pasta frozen awaiting for its tomato sauce partner to arrive on my first day off detox.

In 2 weeks, I will be able to eat proper dim sum with my friends at our weekly Jade Garden gathering.

Cravings are most certainly there, yet, detox does get easier every year.

Partially due to the fact that I had the experience to change my diet and replace meats with other proteins.

Partially is the increase in collective awareness on food allergens and special diets.

There are many products that are gluten-free and/or vegan on the market to purchase.

One of the example was the grain-based probiotic drink called Graindrops.


This product must be consumed straight from the fridge.

It had a thick, yogurt-like mouthfeel with the mellow flavor of rice, and it was mildly sweet.

Brown rice, quinoa were some of the main ingredients.

I had it once at room temperature, and the mouthfeel was greatly impacted by the warmer temperature — in the beginning, it was the yogurt-like thick creamy texture, but quickly became very thin and watery.

The original flavor was not exactly a drink that made one wanted more; it was an acceptable alternative to dairy and soy probiotic.

Perhaps the flavored ones (wild blueberries and mango ginger) would be more palatible.

Meanwhile, I also tried GoodBelly Straight Shot and pomegranate and blackberry probiotic juice drink.


Perhaps because it contained fruit juice in the pomegranate blackberry, it tasted better.

It was much thinner in mouthfeel, more juice-like, much more sour, but with good fruity blackberry and pomegranate flavor.

Original was just sour, with a note of pineapple banana flavor.

The Good Belly version was oat-base.

I like the marketing idea of a shot a day to take care of daily probiotic needs.

The smiley face holes on top for consumption was absolutely adorable!

There were many raw food offering as well in the grocery store.

This Go Raw Carrot Cake Cookies were not bad to curb some sweet craving.


Made with mostly coconut and sprouted seeds, it was basically a thin crisp, hardly cookie.

It had nice flavor and tasted ok.

Fairly sure that I would not buy this until next year when I do detox again.

I would still rather have a real chocolate cookie infrequently when I can.

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