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Dessert Finds in L.A. Part I

One of the hippest new places in L.A. for ice cream is Milk.

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Aside from traditional ice cream, Milk also offers an array of desserts such as cookies, cakes and brownies, ice cream cakes, and their most famous dessert of all, is the macaroon ice cream sandwich.


They were ginormous and really thick, with flavors such as green tea, Rocky Road and Red velvet.

We went for the Thai ice tea macaroon ice cream sandwich.

Thai tea ice cream itself was dense and creamy with nice Thai ice tea flavor; but the star was definitely the macaroon.

Coming from someone who did not normally enjoy macaroon, this one was fantastically chewy, not sweet and full of Thai tea flavor; I will eat their macaroon again!

DH had the sumptuous strawberry short cake milk shake, awesomely creamy, with fantastic strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream and malt; little saltiness from the graham cracker crumbs on top, it was a real treat.

The line was very long when we went after dinner, so be prepared!

This trip, we also got to try Blockheads Shavery.


Flavored shaved ice, they called “snow cream”, it had the texture of frozen soft serve, creamy yet light and refreshing.

This was exactly the ice cream/shaved ice I had in Hong Kong years ago, and there, they called it “snow ice”.

We had the strawberry and the original sweet milk flavor, with almond jelly as add-on.

There are many flavors including Asian flavors such as green tea and black sesame, and seasonal taro.

Add-ons varies from traditional sweetened condensed milk, grass jelly, boba, egg pudding to sea salt hazelnut crunch, rice cakes, pumpkin spice cornbread, and fruity pebbles.

Blockheads’ shave ice was way better than our Seattle offer here from O Dessert.

Perhaps one day, we will see an expansion of this type of dessert in Seattle as well.

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